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Home: Basic Appliance Necessities for Compact Homes

Compact homes are becoming the norm in highly urbanized areas not just in the Philippines but in other countries as well. Property developers have built condominiums specially geared toward university students, providing them basic amenities at affordable rates.

Unlike in the usual dormitory houses, students who choose to rent a condominium unit either alone or with friends have to furnish their units. Although there are unit owners who provide some furniture for the students to use, still, there are some basic necessities for the kitchen and the bedroom that students can bring to their home in the next months.

A microwave oven is perhaps the most basic kitchen appliance that students would need. Not everyone can cook or if there is one who can, there might not enough time because of school work. Convenience stores now offer precooked meals intended not only for students but also for urban professionals who prefer to eat out or buy cooked meals to eat at home.

A blender can be a multifunctional kitchen essential in a small home. It can mix drinks or puree fruits or veggies for liquid diets. Students can use this for a quick smoothie which may contain oats and other ingredients for breakfast or a morning snack.

A coffeemaker is a must especially for those who cannot live without caffeine in their system. Some believe that they get their “energy” from coffee when doing homework or when they need to study for an important exam. The smell of coffee filling the air can sometimes perk up one’s tired and sluggish mood.

An induction cooker is now very much preferred over gas or electric stoves. It is one way to avoid fire when left unattended and saves so much space in a small unit.

Camping stoves have found their way inside compact homes because they are, well, compact. Its source of heat is a small butane gas canister much smaller in size compared to the gas stove tank. It is also much cheaper compared to buying a PHP 600 gas tank. It can be stowed away in a corner of the kitchen when not in use and can just be taken out when there’s a need for it.

A vacuum cleaner has become a necessity because it shortens the time for housecleaning as compared with the traditional way of tidying up a room or a condo unit. The time saved using a vacuum cleaner can be used either to study more or take the rest of the day off and relax.

Steam cleaners have replaced ironing boards because they save so much space compared to the latter. Ironing clothes using a hand-held steam cleaner looks a little less daunting than ironing. It also eases away the worry of iron burn. Unlike ironing boards, steam cleaners can be stuffed away inside the closet.

Some manufacturers have started making mini or portable air conditioners that need not be installed permanently in one corner. This cooling system functions like an electric fan which people can bring from one room to another. While an electric fan still works, a portable air conditioner is way better.

As urban living evolves, manufacturers are also adapting to different lifestyle needs. Living in a compact home doesn’t need to be inconvenient and its inhabitants can still have the living essentials as if they are living with their parents or in a bigger home. They just need to look for the best appliance that suits their budget and is certified safe for different living conditions.

Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE June 2019 Issue
Words by Marlet D. Salazar