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    We, the indoor generation, are spending up to 90% of our time working, studying, eating, exercising, sleeping and playing behind closed doors. Our indoor environment—from the air we breathe to the dust, allergens and temperature we are exposed to—plays a vital role in our wellbeing. 

    When we talk about pollution, we often talk about outdoor pollution. But indoors, there is also more to air than meets the eye. In addition to pollution entering our homes when we open the windows or doors, common everyday activities and household items can also make air dirty. 

    In the bedroom, where we can spend up to one third of our lives, we may find VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from personal care products like cosmetics, hair spray, perfume, or scented candles. In the kitchen and living room, cleaning products emit VOCs; gas hobs and other cooking processes release particulate matter, fumes and odors; and carpets can collect dust and allergens. The Dyson Pure Cool Me personal purifying fan captures these pollutants and delivers cleaner air within your personal space.

    Featuring Dyson’s air filtration and air projection technologies, this compact machine is a perfect fit for your personal space—whether beside your bed, on your desk, or in a nursery. The new Dyson Core Flow technology transforms the way purified air is delivered to you.

    Dyson Core Flow technology, a transformation in air projection technology

    For a personal purifying fan, a focused stream of air is crucial. Dyson Core Flow technology revolutionizes the way cleaner air is delivered to your personal space. Inspired by the aerodynamic properties in the Harrier Jump Jet, Dyson engineers discovered that when two jets of air meet on a convex surface, they converge to create a high-pressure core and a focused stream of air. By harnessing this phenomenon, they developed a way to project a stream of precise and focused air to cool you and deliver cleaner air all year round. 

    Adjusting a dome at the top of the machine allows you to precisely control the angle of the airflow. The Dyson Pure Cool Me personal purifying fan also features 70-degree oscillation for even more customization.

    HEPA filter captures 99.95% of particle pollutants 

    The unique HEPA ensures no compromise in particle capture, so you can rest easy knowing cleaner air is being delivered to your personal space. HEPA media captures 99.95% of particles as small as allergens, and activated carbon absorbs and traps gases, odors and household fumes such as VOCs.

    The HEPA filter will trap even the smallest of particles, down to 0.1 microns. For reference, that is 300 times narrower than a human hair. 

    Acoustically engineered for your personal space

    Designed for your personal space, the Dyson Pure Cool Me personal purifying fan is acoustically engineered to be as quiet as possible. A layer of acoustic attenuation foam in the base of the machine absorbs excess noise from the motor. 

    Intelligent light sensing for a good night’s sleep

    Equipped with an intelligent light sensing system, the machine actively tracks the ambient light, and automatically dims or brightens the built-in LCD screen in real time to blend in with your surrounding environment. When the sensing system detects the space has become dark, it will automatically switch off the LCD screen. A sleep timer can be set so the machine will turn off after pre-set intervals ranging from 30 minutes to 8 hours. 

    The Dyson Pure Cool Me purifying fan retails for PHP 23,500 and is available in white/silver and gunmetal/copper colors. It comes with a two-year warranty on parts and labor.

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