Stress-free Holiday Cooking with Petron Gasul Express Delivery

    Lifestyle Home Stress-free Holiday Cooking with Petron Gasul Express Delivery

    It’s that time of the year when everyone is busy cooking up their own secret recipes for cakes, tarts, pies, cookies, and other special treats to give away as gifts. And then, there are the holiday gatherings to prepare for, with traditional favorites like morcon, embutido, ham, roast, and other holiday dishes for co-workers, friends, relatives, and family members.

    With all the heat in the kitchen, households rely on the trusty iconic blue tank, Petron Gasul to help them prepare these holiday treats. For any sudden need for a refill, ordering Petron Gasul is not a hassle with the additional convenience of ordering through text. Simply text your order to 0917-878 8000 and wait for a call from Petron Gasul to confirm your details. Of course, you can also still place your order through the hotline 737-8000 or visit the Gasul FB page, PH.

    Ordering through the official channels guarantees that your Petron Gasul is being delivered by an authorized dealer, with the 3S guarantee of being Sakto – the right weight; Sulit – more economical with its consistent true blue flame; and Safe – with its laser-printed seal signifying that it has passed quality and safety checks.

    Petron Gasul gives you the assurance that you are getting the correct amount of LPG that you paid for. It is available in several sizes to meet specific needs. The 2.7-kg cylinder is perfect as a reserve tank in the kitchen or for family camping trips. For general household cooking needs, you can choose either a 7-kg or the 11-kg refill. For restaurants and other commercial applications, Petron Gasul comes in 22-kg and 50-kg cylinders.

    Petron Gasul produces a clean-burning blue flame that is economical and efficient. Poor-quality LPG produces a smoky yellowish flame that coats pots and pans with black soot, which means higher consumption of LPG. Petron Gasul, on the other hand, emits a true-blue flame that cooks your food faster while keeping your pots spick and span. All these translate to efficiency, both in LPG use as well as your precious time.

    Petron Gasul cylinders are manufactured to meet stringent safety standards set by the Department of Energy (DOE) including wall thickness, weld integrity, and valve fitting. A laser-printed quality seal is your assurance that each Petron Gasul delivered to your home has passed rigorous safety testing.

    Enjoy a stress-free cooking experience this holiday season with express delivery of the gold-quality standard of LPG—Petron Gasul—just a text message away.

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