Advanced Abilities simplifies insurance with Policymate online policy hub

    LifestyleMoneyAdvanced Abilities simplifies insurance with Policymate online policy hub

    With an aim to simplify insurance and make these more easily understandable and accessible, Advanced Abilities is introducing Policymate, an all-in-one online policy hub where users can experience a seamless and simplified process of purchasing insurance, filing claims, and managing policies for themselves, families, pets, businesses or vehicles. This insurance platform eliminates the lengthy paperwork and in-person visits as it adopts a digital-first approach, enabling customers to buy, manage, and claim insurance online for a faster and more convenient process.

    Oftentimes, insurance is viewed as intimidating, from navigating through the different kinds and deciding which coverage to get to filing claims and managing them. Despite its complicated nature, having insurance guarantees protection for individuals, families, or organizations from unforeseen risks and financial losses.

    “At Advanced Abilities, it is important for us that Filipinos are able to safeguard their present lives and futures. Being in the industry since 1998, I’ve learned that simplifying the process of purchasing and claiming insurance will encourage more people to be protected against risks. This is what we want to achieve with Policymate, to give Filipinos the peace of mind when it comes to those that matter most to them,” said Angelo Antonio “AA” Buendia, CEO and president of Advanced Abilities.

    Aside from a streamlined process, Advanced Abilities also partnered with leading insurance providers Fortune General Insurance, Fortune Life, Liberty Insurance, Metropolitan Insurance, Malayan Insurance, Pacific Cross, and Mercantile Insurance to bring users the best coverage options for any situation. Be it for travel, health or property, Policymate is able to cater to a diverse set of users and provide tailored options depending on personal goals and financial capabilities.

    In addition, the platform was designed with a user-centric interface, making browsing for the right insurance plan easy and hassle-free with just a few clicks. Filing a claim is also simplified into easy steps and includes the ability to track and receive real-time updates. All features are accessible through the website and will soon be available on mobile.

    “Our main goal at Advanced Abilities is to make modern solutions accessible to Filipinos. We are committed to continue integrating pioneering technologies to simplify complex processes and empower the future with innovation,” shared Buendia.

    Interested parties may browse through the different insurance plans at For more information on Advanced Abilities and further updates, check out and follow their Facebook Page.

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