Free Sun Life insurance for employees of TendoPay partner companies

    LifestyleMoneyFree Sun Life insurance for employees of TendoPay partner companies

    Partner companies of virtual credit card brand TendoPay will soon be able to help secure the
    future of their employees with Sun Life’s personal accident insurance, which will be offered for
    free by TendoPay.

    This is after Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. inked a strategic tie-up with Templetech Finance Corp., the creator of TendoPay.

    Interested partner companies simply need to sign up for the program so they may extend the
    offer to employees who are aged 18 to 65 years old and are TendoPay virtual credit cardholders.

    Subject to the product’s terms and conditions, qualified employees will receive a free one-year
    personal accident insurance with coverage of up to PHP100,000. They will be covered for
    contingencies such as loss of life, loss of sight, and dismemberment due to accident. Motorcycle accidents are likewise covered.

    Mr. Alex Narciso, President Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc.

    “We thank TendoPay for choosing Sun Life to be their ally in securing a brighter future for their
    partners and their respective employees,” Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. president Alex
    Narciso said. “By availing this program, business owners are not only ensuring the welfare of
    their employees, but they are also securing their business’ sustainability and success. After all, a company’s greatest asset is its workforce.”

    “We’re delighted to team up with Sun Life in offering our TendoPay members an ever-improving experience.” TendoPay CEO Kacper Marcinkowski said.

    For the past year, Sun Life has been taking steps to assist businesses in their bid to recover from the challenges of the pandemic. “We at Sun Life are honored to contribute to nation-building in our own way,” Narciso said. “As we empower business owners through various initiatives tailor fit for their needs, we also reignite the country’s economy and provide livelihood for more Filipinos.”

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