PalawanPay is now QR Ph compliant, launches “My Ninong, My Ninang, May Papremyo” promo

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    Sending aguinaldo to your inaanaks and loved ones is now faster, safer, easier, and more convenient with PalawanPay, the e-wallet of the Palawan Pawnshop Group. The app not only lets you send your cash gift from one PalawanPay cash wallet to another anytime, anywhere, but you also have the chance to win exciting prizes in the “My Ninong, My Ninang, May Papremyo Promo ng Palawan!” campaign.

    PalawanPay is a one-stop app with features that include Pera Padala, bills payment, e-loading, scan to pay, and cash in, cash out. With over 400 billers and QR Ph code, the finance app gives Filipinos all year-round financial convenience. 

    A QR Ph code can be used to send and receive money, pay your favorite merchants or settle your bills. To generate your PalawanPay QR Ph code, just simply click the yellow QR icon at the bottom of the app and then click download.

    PalawanPay is a QR Ph-Compliant app, it adheres to the National QR Code Standards set by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). Using QR Ph Code will give you more convenience, security, and accessibility when it comes to financial transactions.

    With its adherence to QR Ph requirements, you can now pay, transfer and transact with other e-wallets or banks with the QR Ph Logo. If you are the one sending money, you do not have to input the account details of the receiver. If you are the one receiving the money, you do not have to share your account details with the sender. All you need to do is provide your PalawanPay QR Ph code and you’re all set.

    As a long-time service provider for Filipinos throughout the country, Palawan Pawnshop Group through its latest PalawanPay is celebrating the yuletide season with its loyal Sukis! Palawan will be running its promo entitled “My Ninong, My Ninang, May Papremyo Promo ng Palawan!” from November 19 to December 25, 2022.

    How to Join

    Participants need to send their aguinaldos by using the “Send Money” feature on the PalawanPay app to another PalawanPay Wallet or to any Palawan Express branch. For every five transactions with unique recipients, participants will automatically earn one raffle entry to win big and exciting prizes

    This means the more people you send aguinaldos to, the higher your chances of winning! So, make sure to remember all of your inaanaks and loved ones  ask them to download and register at PalawanPay!

    Inaanaks can also generate their own PalawanPay QR Codes to send to their Ninongs and Ninangs! Here’s how:

    1. Open the PalawanPay App and enter your pin code.

    2. At the dashboard, press the QR Code icon.

    3. Select “View My QR Code”

    4. If your Ninong/Ninang is nearby,  you can approach them and present your personal PalawanPay QR Code Request them to scan it so they can send you their Aguinaldo or Pamasko via PalawanPay!

    5. If sending to a distant Ninong /Ninang,  you may share your QR with your Ninongs and Ninangs. Just click “Share QR to a friend” and select your preferred platform.

    Perks and Benefits

    All qualified users automatically get insurance from Palawan ProtekTODO with annual coverage of PHP20,000. Qualified users also get one raffle entry to win big and exciting prizes. 10 Noche Buena packages worth PHP2,000 and five PHP10,000 PalawanPay credits will be up for grabs weekly for all the winners. For the grand raffle, at stake are 5 Yamaha NMAX motorcycles.  All the winners will receive their prizes tax-free.

    Winners of the raffle will be announced on PalawanPay’s Facebook page. A PalawanPay representative will reach out to the winners via registered mail, email, and text message. For more promo details, please go to Make your Christmas merrier and more effortless by downloading the App from the Apple Store  or the Google Play Store.

    Get verified to use more features of PalawanPay app such as fund transfer to other banks and e-wallets, higher transaction limit and use of QR Ph to send and receive money and pay your favorite merchants.  Join “My Ninong, My Ninang, May Papremyo Promo ng Palawan” and make the holidays merrier for your inaanaks and loved ones.

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