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Iontech: Reshaping music landscape through audio solutions

Iontech Enterprise, together with its partners Powersoft and Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW), aims to reshape the enterprise music landscape through its many innovative audio solutions.

On February 2, 2016, Powersoft and EAW introduced its flagship audio devices in the Philippines through its official distributor, Iontech. The Redline speakers from EAW and K Series amplifiers from Powersoft are both engineered to meet the demands of live sound.


The Redline powered loudspeakers are designed to deliver renowned EAW sound quality and touring reliability with a feature set specifically designed for rental & staging and installation customers. It consists of a two powered, two-way loudspeakers–the RL12 12-inch and RL15 15-inch–along with the RL18S 18-inch powered subwoofer. The RL12 and RL15 both offer perfectly consistent directivity via Beamwidth-Matched crossovers on 90 x 60 degree user-rotatable horns. Moreover, four-aperture ports provide massive bass support with no turbulence while maximizing transducer-cooling air flow for utmost reliability.

This flagship line of loudspeakers also feature 1,250 watts of fanless Class-D, Power Factor Corrected amplification, EAW Focusing sonic processing, and DynO processing for maximized headroom and sound quality at a high SPL. Three simple user-defined voicing options allow a variety of uses without need of a computer or external processor. Meanwhile, the RL18S subwoofer is cardioid-ready via simple rear-panel controls, allowing end-users to achieve high levels of low-frequency control without need for complex processing or calculations. Each Redline enclosure is built from 15 mm hardwood with EAW RoadCoat treatment to ensure rugged durability.


On the other hand, the Powersoft’s K Series flagship product, which ranks in the “Top Class” amplification of the global pro audio market, was also introduced. Offering various power ratings in 6 models ranging from 2 x 2400 W/ch @ 4 Ω to 2 x 9000 W/ch @ 2 Ω, still maintaining the 1 unit size, the K series represents a new milestone of switch mode amplification providing incredible power with the lowest weight and highest efficiency. Its sonic performances set a new target for professional audio market. By using the Step-Up procedure it is now possible to increase the output power without having to change amplifier.

Other EAW and Powersoft products:

For more information on these audio devices, visit http://www.iontech-enterprise.com/