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PayMaya launches new EMV-powered card

PayMaya Launches their new EMV powered payment card

PayMaya customers can now enjoy a secure, convenient, and rewarding payment experience with PayMaya’s newly designed EMV-powered payment card.

The card is now available in PayMaya’s online store for PHP 200. 

The new card removes the card number at the front of the card retaining only the PayMaya and Visa logo. 

All personal information of the cardholder which includes the cardholder’s name, the expiry date, the CVV card security code as well as the cardholder’s name is printed at the back of the card. This design makes the card more secure.

According to PayMaya, the design is in response to the social media habits of its largely millennial user base.

PayMaya cardholders can enjoy additional benefits like removing the need for call activations, and easier payments abroad with better foreign exchange rates. 

PayMaya cardholders can also maximize the card’s features by linking their physical PayMaya card to the PayMaya app. By doing so, they can enjoy one wallet for online or in-store purchases and efficiently manage their expenses. Withdrawing for extra cash using the PayMaya card can be done anytime, anywhere on any BancNet ATM nationwide and any Visa Plus machines abroad.  

“Many travelers prefer to use PayMaya when they travel as it allows them to maximize their budget so they can spend more on new experiences. Whether they use the PayMaya physical card to withdraw at ATMs or at VISA or Mastercard accepting establishments, they always get the best value when they use PayMaya,” said Kenneth Palacios, Head of Wallets Business at PayMaya Philippines.

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