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    Strategically located near shopping, entertainment, and business hubs in the city, the soon-to-open Lanson Place Mall of Asia, with 389 units designed for both long and short stays and offering a range of dining outlets, is set to become a must-visit destination offering unparalleled “bleisure” experience, as well as effectively aligning itself with a national initiative of fostering economic growth and community development.

    The property presents prime business opportunities with tremendous growth potential for both the surrounding area and local communities. This is reinforced by the project having generated 185 positions during pre-opening, and is expected to reach over 220 once operation begins. This team is almost exclusively Filipino, emphasizing the positive impact of the project on the local community and the number of local jobs created.

    In addition to contributing to the country’s labor market, Lanson Place is committed to supporting local businesses and leaving a positive impact on the Philippine economy. By partnering with local suppliers, vendors, artists, and talents, Lanson Place embraces the unique cultural richness of the Philippines to complement its status as a world-renowned hotel and serviced apartment brand. 

    Redefining authentic hospitality

    Lanson Place stands out by offering an oasis of calm where guests can find genuine human connection and a sense of belonging. The team at Lanson Place genuinely cares about the well-being of each guest, seeking to make their stay not just comfortable but also transformative through their different facilities, services, and staff interactions.

    “The true success of Lanson Place Mall of Asia lies in the unwavering dedication of its exceptional workforce and the unparalleled service they provide to every guest. Beyond the bricks and mortar, it is the thriving community spirit fostered by the staff that sets this establishment apart. Their commitment to being devoted hosts creates an environment where guests feel welcomed, cherished, and truly at home.” said Laurent Boisdron, vice president and general manager of Lanson Place Mall of Asia.

    The management team has provided several training and development programs to help their staff adjust quickly and work efficiently. This includes initiatives like new systems training and sustainability programs anchored with SM Hotels and Conventions Corp. Additionally, the property will periodically accept internships or partnerships with schools to better support the local community in the future.

    Boisdron shared that a key aspect of their partnership approach for collaboration between the property and local suppliers is their affiliation with SM Central Procurement.

    “All vendors we work with are accredited by SM, which opens opportunities for them to partner with our company in the future,” he said. “This affiliation not only provides our suppliers with added credibility but also strengthens our commitment to supporting local businesses and the local economy.”

    Reducing carbon footprint; increasing partner footprint

    The local partnerships and collaborations promote sustainability by reducing the carbon footprint associated with long-distance sourcing and supporting the livelihoods of local businesses and artisans. This approach contributes to the economic growth and well-being of the community, creating a lasting impression beyond the hotel itself.

    Additionally, a partnership with the Lanson Place brand gives small businesses networking advantages and a platform to showcase their products and services. These can serve them well in the future, considering this entails growth, recognition, and sustainability in the local market. The property also promotes mutually benefiting partnerships and stresses transparency and proper ethics are practiced for every partner.

    Once Lanson Place Mall of Asia opens its doors to the public, guests will be greeted with genuine warmth and personalized service expected from the Lanson Place brand. The property will have 247 hotel rooms, 142 serviced residences, and amenities like a state-of-the-art fitness center and rooftop infinity pool. It will also boast an exceptional dining experience at Cyan Modern Kitchen, Lanson Place Mall of Asia’s signature restaurant. With a delectable menu crafted by skilled chefs and a warm and elegant ambiance, Cyan Modern Kitchen will be the perfect venue for memorable dining moments.

    While the complete hotel opening is yet to come, introductory offers for stays are currently available. For stays booked between 2 October to 30 November 2023, guests can enjoy an exclusive advanced booking offer. To learn more about the introductory offers, please contact [email protected].

    For more information about Lanson Place Mall of Asia, Manila, visit the official website at, and the following social media pages (Facebook | Instagram).

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