A biker’s haven at The SM Store

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    The Men’s Accessories department at The SM Store is now a biker’s haven, with lots of cool gear for bike enthusiasts. These include bikes, as well as safety helmets, multi-purpose masks, gloves, repair kits, lights, bags, and cargo nets to keep us safe and stylish on the road.

    Cycling has suddenly become cool in a big way as we navigate the pandemic. A healthy, and low impact exercise that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, biking has emerged as a favorite way of transportation especially during the community quarantine days, when major transportations are not allowed to operate.  Many communities have also allocated bike lanes for those who prefer to pedal their way around the city.

    Here’s a roundup of all the gear you will find at The SM Store’s biker’s haven:

    There are mountain bikes designed for off-road cycling – mountain trails, single track, fire roads, and other unpaved surfaces; as well as lightweight and sportive road bikes built for traveling at speed on paved roads. Bike enthusiasts will also enjoy trying out gravel/adventure bikes, utility bikes, e-bikes, triathlon bikes, tandem bikes, park bikes and kids bikes.

    Urban planner, cycling advocate, and founder of active transport advocacy group MNL Moves, Aldrin Pelicano shares with us tips to anyone before going on a ride or who wants to give biking a start. Here are his must-haves:


    This half- dome bike helmet with an aerodynamic design, smoothly curves around your head for great fit and protection as well as  the  detachable mask  and goggle with HD lenses with  high density sponge  and anti-slip band.

    “Investing in a good helmet is always worth it,” says Aldrin. “When choosing a helmet, always look for the Consumer Product Safety Committee (CPSC) sticker inside.  This ensures you’ll be offered a high level of protection if you do end up in a crash.”

    Bike lights

    It is important to see and be seen when you’re out on the road, and Aldrin advises us to “choose a white bike light in front and red bike light for the back.  High visibility (hi-viz) clothes or vest and straps can also help for you to be visible especially in low-light conditions or at night.”

    Repair kits

    “Don’t go out on a ride, whether short or long, without your tool kit,” says Aldrin. “A good kit should include spare tube/s and/or patch kit, pump, tire levers and cycling multi-tool.”

    Be equipped with safety and protection with this AXCS Outdoor bicycle repair kit bag that includes a  bicycle pump, tire patches, lever, and file, combination tool, a glue, rubber tubes, and a  pin.

    A bike bag

    “It’s a good idea to bring essentials like IDs, money, mask, face shield (if you will go to an indoor place, closed venue), food and water,” says Aldrin. And find yourself a good bag for all your stuff.

    A water bottle

    “If your bike has eyelets,” says Aldrin.” it would be good to get a bottle cage so you can bring water bottles for hydration.”

    Wear as you ride

    How do you dress the part?  Some advice from Aldrin: “You don’t have to wear cycling jerseys to make trips on a bicycle.  As long as it’s comfortable and will help you ride safely, any clothes should do it.  Also, “don’t underestimate the sun so it’s also good to wear some protection like arm sleeves and sunglasses.”

    Bike lovers and  enthusiasts, like Aldrin, can visit The SM Store Men’s Accessories Department to check out their latest bike collections, as well as accessories, safety kits and gears, and other must-haves that can be used  while going on a ride.

    You can also check out these collection and other more fashion finds online at and chat and shop at

    These bike collection is all available at The SM Store Men’s Fashion Accessories Department.

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