Sugar and selfies at S Maison’s the Dessert Museum 

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    Enjoy the sweet life once more with the reopening of The Dessert Museum with more colorful and instagrammable rooms! 

    Located at the Ground Level of S Maison, the 12,000 square-foot confectionary paradise is an interactive “eat as you play” and learn experience where the sights are just as delicious as the sweets. 

    You will gobble your way through 8 mouthwatering rooms of sugar-filled happiness which will transform into one epic imaginative wonderland.  There are only two things on the menu — Sugar and Selfies. 

    It’s raining donuts at the Donuts Room!
    Be mallow-dramatic at the Ten Thousand Marshmallows room!

    The fun begins at the Donut Room, where you can slide to begin your sweetest tour ever. Then enter a world of fluffiness and be mallow-dramatic at the Thousands of Marshmallows Room, take a stroll on the giant Candy Cane Grove, or take a snap at the Rainbow Corner!

    Have a mad Macaroons Tea Party, and actually chill inside a giant teacup!

    Delight in the world of Alice in Wonderland, have a mad Macarons Tea Party and chill inside a giant teacup; or fall under the spell of the Bewitched Bakery where you can have your fortunes told by a big fortune cookie; 

    Come in with a wrecking pop at the Cake Pop Carnival!
    It’s a room of never-ending bubbles inside the biggest Gum Ball you’ll ever see!
    It’s summer all- year-round at The Banana Beach Room at The Dessert Museum

    There’s more fun and food ahead at the Cake Pops Carnival where you can submerge yourself inside a giant bowl of cereal or ride into the giant cake pops; the Giant Gum Ball; and at the Banana Beach, a yellow paradise where you ride down the banana split slide and jump into a beach full of banana sprinkles!

    Release your stress and smash your own piñata, type your feelings or shred your bitterness away in the Piñata room!

    Smash your own piñata, submerge in colorful confetti, and munch on goodies; and find elusive “Llamacorn” in the Pinata Pit!  Explore the sweet side of the K-Pop craze by swinging on giant cake pops, as well as taking the coolest pics and the Tik Tok Dance Challenge at the KPop-Court!

    Aside from its mouthwatering rooms, The Dessert Museum also has a wide set of fun activities to complete your sugar-filled experience! Revisit your childhood as you try their hopscotch, see-saw, and colorful Jenga among many others! 

    The Piñata Pit, a crowd favorite, has a carnival-themed room with a mini carousel which is perfect for your Instagram posts! 

    Entrance to the museum includes a 2-hour tour in all the 8 sugar-coated rooms plus 4 sumptuous desserts. Prepare to satisfy your dessert cravings or even your childhood’s most influential sweets and treats in a very unique setting.

    The Dessert Museum is located on the lower ground floor of S Maison at Conrad Hotel.

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