SEIKO Premium Boutique finds a new home in Mitsukoshi mall

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    Seiko Premium Boutique, which houses Grand Seiko and Seiko timepieces, opens a new 48sqm abode on the ground floor of Mitsukoshi Mall, BGC. The boutique is designed with an inviting palette of warm shades and neutrals, matched with an overall ambiance of understated elegance as seen on its meticulously crafted timepieces.

    In pursuit of continuously serving its patrons and broadening its offerings to meet the needs and desires of ever-evolving customers, the new Seiko Premium Boutique carries a wide range of timepieces including some of the latest creations for the Seiko Watchmaking 110th Anniversary, as well as more of the limited-edition timepieces arriving in the coming months.

    Seiko Watchmaking 110th Anniversary Limited Editions

    The newest Seiko watches commemorate the 110th Anniversary of the brand’s watchmaking, with each designed to be a traveling companion, a dependable partner throughout one’s life journey. All timepieces draw inspiration from Seiko’s rich technological and design heritage.

    The Presage Craftsmanship Series shines a light on traditional Japanese crafts through vivid watch dials. With each of the four crafts, a different master and his team demonstrate the painstaking skill required to practice their technique on the miniature canvas that is a Seiko Presage dial. For this special anniversary series, Seiko is presenting a limited-edition Presage watch in each of the following four materials: enamel (SPB393), Urushi lacquer (SPB395), Arita porcelain (SPB397), and Shippo enamel (SPB399). Available from June 2023.

    Seiko Premium Boutique in Mitsukoshi Mall BGC

    Another new creation under the Presage range pays homage to Japan’s first wristwatch, reviving the form and design of the Laurel in every detail. The round case of SPB359 is carefully constructed to retain the elegance of the original while housing a modern automatic movement. The characteristic Arabic numerals, the retro-style blued hands, and a large onion crown are also faithfully re-created, in keeping with the nostalgic feel of this special timepiece. Available in Seiko boutiques, select retail partners, and online.

    Seiko Premium Boutique in Mitsukoshi Mall BGC

    The King Seiko unveils a new collection. SPB365 has a gradient dial that reveals a design inspired by a traditional Japanese geometric pattern known as Kikkoumon, which is based on the hexagonal shape of the tortoise shell. The pattern is a nod to the 1960s origins of King Seiko, which was born at a facility in the Kameido section of Tokyo. In addition, SPB369, SPB371, and SPB373 are in stainless steel with white, dark blue, and green dials, respectively. The white dial is graced with a subtle pattern created through a combination of vertical and horizontal hairline finishing techniques. The dark blue and green dials have a sunray finish for a rich, luxurious feel that benefits from the new case diameter. Available in Seiko boutiques, select retail partners, and online.

    Joining the latest editions is a Prospex diver’s watch inspired by the polar landscape. SPB333’s intricately textured dial captures the power of the polar glaciers that shape the landscapes and seascapes of the Arctic and Antarctic, where Seiko’s reputation for reliable and durable watches was forged in the 1960s and ‘70s when adventurers and researchers wore them on expeditions to the North and South Poles. Available in Seiko boutiques, select retail partners, and online.

    More New Limited Edition Collections to Watch Out For

    Beyond the Seiko Watchmaking 110th Anniversary releases, Seiko will be releasing more limited-edition timepieces in the coming months.

    Available from April 2023: As part of Seiko 5 Sports’ 55th anniversary, Seiko 5 Sports has collaborated with Masked Rider, a television program that has captivated audiences since its first broadcast in 1971. To create the collaboration model (SRPJ91), the design of the original watch worn by Hongo has been upgraded with modern technology and materials, along with design cues that reference the Masked Rider 1. For this collaboration, the watch is enclosed in a specially designed box with overlapping acrylic plates that indicate the watch’s specifications.

    Available from May 2023: The achievements of Japanese adventurer Naomi Uemura are remembered in a classic 1970 Seiko design. He is known for climbing Mont Blanc, Mt. Kilimanjaro, and Mt. Aconcagua, and, in 1970, he became the first Japanese mountaineer to reach the summit of Mt. Everest. Just three months later, he reached the top of Alaska’s Denali (then known as Mt. McKinley). The 1970 diver’s watch proved its reliability in extreme conditions when it was worn by Uemura in the Arctic region in the years 1974 to 1976. This 2023, his ascents of the five mountains are commemorated with a modern re-interpretation of the 1970 diver’s watch – the SLA069 whose dial depicts Mont Blanc, the first of Uemura’s climbs.

    Available from June 2023: Seiko introduces a new movement in the long-trusted 6R family that has a GMT function and a power reserve extended to a full 72 hours. Caliber 6R54 is presented in three new Prospex creations that are all modern re-interpretations of a Seiko classic from 1968. 

    The creations with green (SPB381) and black (SPB383) dials are classically styled and join the main Prospex collection, while there is also a limited edition watch that celebrates the 110th anniversary of Seiko’s, and Japan’s, first wristwatch. Distinguished by an intricately textured ice-blue dial, SPB385 captures the power of the polar glaciers that shape the landscapes and seascapes of the Arctic and Antarctic. This limited edition watch shares the same case and bracelet as the other two creations, but it comes with an additional strap made entirely of recycled plastic bottles using a traditional Japanese braiding technique called Seichu. SPB385 is part of the Save the Ocean series, which is made in support of the Seiko Prospex mission to contribute to a greater understanding of the world’s oceans and their preservation.

    The new Seiko Premium Boutique is located on the Ground Floor of Mitsukoshi Mall in BGC. Open daily from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. For inquiries, email [email protected] 

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