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Sony Music announces latest roster of artists

Sony Music's latest roster of artists

Sony Music Entertainment Philippines announced its latest roster of OPM artists.

Headlining Sony’s newest batch of artist signing is award-winning folk-pop band Ben & Ben who recently released their debut album under the record label.

With its commitment to honing OPM talents, the record label has also signed up rising stars indie pop-rock band The Vowels They Orbit, multi-genre band Nathan & Mercury, 12-year old hip-hop prodigy Alex Bruce, and folk-pop singer Syd Hartha.

“I am thrilled that Sony music is supporting and investing in OPM. In the time where the world needs music more than ever to inspire us, to move us, to keep the 47 percent of us above 25 years old young, and as Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray said, ‘to raise our flag,’ we are proud to present to you this afternoon the brilliant artists of the all-new Sony Music Philippines. It is our hope that you will believe in them as much as we do, and that you will champion them as only each of you can,” said Roslyn Pineda, VP for Artist Relations and Business Development, Sony Music Entertainment Asia.

“Being part of the Sony Music Regional team I would get calls from my colleagues from other countries saying, ‘Roslyn what is Hugot?’, as many of you know that is one of the top playlists on Spotify. Another question that I got is, Why is Quezon City, the No. 1 city outside my artist’s home city?’ So this is all part and parcel of the current global fascination of Asia. It is a region of incredible growth and potential. As they say, it’s the Asian century, and the talent here in the Philippines is just as incredible.” 

Also present at the launch event was Ariel Fung, executive vice president, Sony Music Entertainment Asia.

“I think everybody knows that the Philippines is an up and coming market, and especially with the current digital growth of the market here and this is the particular reason why we’re here. So with our division and our leadership, and our other ventures, and our executives, my boss, the president of Sony Asia (Mr.) Denis Handlin. Denis is really keen on signing up and growing local artists from every market and definitely the Philippines is one of the markets and this is what we are doing here today, and I am so happy to witness the first group of artist that we are signing from the Philippines,” said Fung.

Fung also noted he hopes that the latest batch of artists will not only be promoted in the country but as well as in the rest of the region. He also hopes that there will be opportunities for the artists to collaborate with different artists from the region. 

“I really hope that apart from promoting and marketing them in the Philippines, we also get the opportunity to promote them in the region for artist collaboration, you know regional promo and events,” Fung added.