Pru Life UK unveils mobile health app for Filipinos

    Life insurance provider Pru Life Uk has introduced an all-in-one mobile health app that promotes holistic health management to Filipinos.

    The AI-powered Pulse empowers users to take control of their health and well-being in just one tap. Reinforcing people to consult with medical professionals, Pru Life UK has partnered with British healthcare services tech provider Babylon and other third-party partners to utilize innovative tools for protecting, preventing, and postponing the onset of diseases.

    Among the key features of the app are Health Check for managing a person’s lifestyle and generate reports through chatbots, Symptom Checker powered with predictive chat for giving recommendations and urgent emergency care, Digital Twin that shows important health information such as daily activities and nutritional intake in three views: skeletal, muscular, and organ; and Wrinkle Index for checking your facial age.

    Initially launched in Malaysia last year, Pulse has been serving nine other Asian countries. It has recorded more than 600,000 downloads. As an evolving platform, the mobile app will feature other health services such as Chronic Diseases Management, telemedicine, e-prescription, and medication delivery.

    “This will help users better understand any worrying symptoms they might be experiencing and direct them to seek advice from healthcare professionals. By empowering users with smart cutting-edge technologies, they can continue to fulfill their wellness goals and help prevent or postpone the onset of diseases, allowing us to play a role in their journey to better overall health,” Pru Life UK president and CEO Antonio De Rosas said.

    Customized for each markets, Pru Life UK will roll out a Filipino version between March to April this year to reach more audiences. The company also shared that it will expand its pool of third-party partners locally to optimize the user experience of the app and plans to make it available in lower versions of Android devices.

    The Pulse by Pru Life UK is now available for free on Google Play Store. A version of the app for iOS devices is scheduled to roll out soon.

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