‘Ask Ford’ self-service tool enhances customer experience and engagement

    MobilityCars‘Ask Ford’ self-service tool enhances customer experience and engagement

    Ask Ford, an intuitive global online knowledge base tool for customers has marked its first year in enhancing customer experience and engagement in the Philippines.

    Ask Ford was launched in the Philippines in early 2020 as a 24/7 self-service tool available on the Ford Philippines website, allowing customers to ask questions anytime and receive immediate answers retrieved directly from the auto maker’s systems, owner’s manuals, or websites. It uses the repository’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology to search for the best responses, far beyond the reaches of standard search engines.

    Ask Ford can be easily accessed via the magnifying glass icon on the website and is designed to produce accurate and relevant answers to a wide variety of questions. While it provides benefits to both current and potential customers, Ask Ford also includes specific channels designed to support dealers and the Customer Relationship Center (CRC) team to obtain the most up-to-date information related to customer queries. 

    In the Philippines, over 9,300 questions were searched by customers, dealers, and CRC teams in 2020, with over 100 total unique topics searched per month. Overall, the Ranger Raptor was the top searched topic last year by customers. 

    “With Ask Ford, we are able to engage and better serve our customers with an online tool that helps answer their questions about Ford products and services in an instant,” shares Joyce Laxamana, director, Ford Customer Service Division. “Now more than ever, the Ask Ford tool will be more relevant and useful as we continue to evolve with our customer’s changing behavior, needs, and preferences.”

    Ask Ford uses three main tools to generate responses to the questions raised by customers. Firstly, the company’s comprehensive Knowledge Repository is searched for the most accurate response using natural language processing which assesses the question as a whole rather than just keywords. It also contains a ‘Related Topics’ window, enabling the users to explore similar topics related to their question.

    Second, the tool likewise obtains information from the Owner’s Manual. Users can select the vehicle model and year from the Owner’s Manuals Information tool, click search, and they will be provided the most relevant information related to a specific vehicle. 

    Lastly, it will also use the Web Crawler function, which provides links to all official sites that could help with the customer inquiry. 

    Click on to Ask Ford.  

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