Changan CS55 Plus: the HYPE is real!

    MobilityCarsChangan CS55 Plus: the HYPE is real!

    What’s the hype about the CS55 Plus Hype? It’s all about the wonders of next-gen automotive technology.

    Hyped about the bass

    Who doesn’t love great sounds while driving? The CS55 Plus’ Pioneer Premium Sound System delivers clear, crisp sound quality and powerful bass for pleasurable driving.

    Hyped about lasting safety

    The Automatic Emergency Brake (AEB) System helps assess the likeliness of hitting a vehicle up ahead. It works in tandem with Forward Collision Warning (FCW) which detects slow moving vehicles in front. Sensors alert the driver with visual and audible signals that one is getting too close for comfort and therefore must hit the brakes.

    The Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Stop and Go feature accurately monitors and adjusts the car’s speed to that of the vehicle in front, maintaining a safe distance then automatically speeds up once the coast is clear. This feature lets the driver move safely and more confidently on the road.

    Finally, you have built-in eyes here. You don’t have to shell out money for a dash cam because the CS55 Plus comes with a panoramic camera with an HD Driving Recorder System that gives a 540-degree virtual view of the surroundings, including the underside of the vehicle. This helps the driver avoid obstructions, even potholes, and safely park and maneuver through tight spaces. One can also adjust the transparency and clarity of these images which are projected onto the screen of the infotainment system. In addition, the HD Driving Recorder captures and automatically saves 30 seconds of video—15 seconds before and 15 seconds after incidents of sudden braking or collision, from all sides of the vehicle.

    To see is to believe. Find out what the hype’s all about. And discover that the Changan CS55 Plus Hype is the real deal. Its advanced tech surprises with the promise of a mannered and stable ride that lets you explore your wild side.

    Get to know more about the Changan CS55 Plus Hype at the Changan dealership nearest you or visit or ChanganPhil on Facebook. 

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