Innovation Redefined: The All-New Honda CR-V showcases masterful engineering with e:HEV full hybrid

    MobilityCarsInnovation Redefined: The All-New Honda CR-V showcases masterful engineering with e:HEV full...

    Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) has officially launched the All-New Honda CR-V. With the goal of realizing carbon neutrality for all products and corporate activities by 2050, the 6th-generation Honda CR-V is a major step in the company’s electrification journey. Spearheading this in the Philippines is the first-ever CR-V 2.0 RS e:HEV E-CVT. Truly a halo model in terms of advanced safety and driving technologies, the new Honda CR-V e:HEV full hybrid system signifies the company’s strong commitment to sustainable mobility solutions towards zero environmental impact.

    The first-ever e:HEV full hybrid system in the All-New CR-V

    The e:HEV technology in the All-New Honda CR-V combines all of Honda’s gasoline engine and electrification technologies with an array of advanced technologies to achieve exceptionally low fuel consumption and a new level of driving pleasure.

    The system is a powerful combination of two electric motors, the Traction Motor and the Generator Motor. Those are then mated to a new four-cylinder, 2.0-liter Direct Injection Atkinson Cycle engine. The engine provides 148PS and 183Nm of torque, and the electric motors put out 184PS and 335Nm of torque. While the motor operates throughout the low- to high-speed range, e:HEV relies on the gasoline engine alone for high-speed cruising. The e:HEV achieves a unique combination of environmental performance and driving pleasure that could not be achieved with an engine-only system.

    The e:HEV full hybrid system can intelligently switch operating modes to suit various driving situations between three modes. These are EV Drive Mode which lets the vehicle run solely on battery power, Hybrid Drive mode which shifts power between the electric motor and the engine, and Engine Drive Mode. The ability to run on individual power modes is the main benefit of a full hybrid electric system, delivering true fuel economy gains. It also comes with a Drive Mode Switch that enables the driver to easily select the driving modes to suit their style of driving, including Sport Mode, Normal Mode, and Econ Mode. The smooth and seamless power transitions in the e:HEV also gives a quieter, more refined, and comfortable driving and riding experience.

    The e:HEV is also a self-charging system. Through its regenerative braking system and traction motor, the system can harvest energy from braking and deceleration and recover friction losses that would otherwise be unused. This helps extend the car’s electric power range and further optimize fuel economy. The battery can also be recharged with the help of the engine, serving as a generator to keep the electric drive system primed for action at a moment’s notice.

    The All-New CR-V 2.0 RS e:HEV E-CVT comes with an 8-year or 200,000-kilometer battery warranty (whichever comes first) for added peace of mind for the customers.

    Another first in the All-New Honda CR-V for the Philippine market is a turbocharged gas engine. Available in the 1.5 V Turbo CVT and 1.5 VX Turbo CVT AWD, it uses the 1.5-liter Direct Injection DOHC VTEC engine that blends power and economy. It features a new high-efficiency, high-response turbocharger, and enhanced exhaust system that helps the engine maintain peak power over a wider power band. 

    The result of these upgrades is 190PS and 240Nm of torque, making this the most powerful gas-powered CR-V to date. The higher horsepower and torque ratings give the driver more confidence in passing and accelerating, along with providing ample power even when fully loaded.

    With a powerful powertrain, the result is excellent fuel efficiency of 29.4KM/L in urban driving of e:HEV grade and 16.4KM/L in extra-urban driving conditions for the petrol grade. These results are based on the United Nations Regulation 101 uniform provisions concerning the measurement of fuel consumption of vehicles with positive-ignition and compression-ignition engines and electric power trains.

    Fully equipped with a variety of advanced safety and driving technologies:

    Ensure confidence in every journey with advanced safety and technologies. All variants are equipped with the latest generation of Honda SENSING driver-assistive technology, with a new front sensor camera and radar system. The new camera has a wider field of view from before from 50 degrees to 90 degrees. Meanwhile, the radar mounted behind the Honda logo on the grille now has a field of view of 120 degrees, up by 70 degrees from the previous generation. This helps in better detection of cars, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians.

    Honda SENSING functions include:

    • Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS)
    • Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)
    • Road Departure Mitigation System with Lane Departure Warning (RDM with LDW)
    • Adaptive Cruise Control with Low-Speed Follow (ACC with LCF)
    • Auto High Beam (AHB) and for the first time Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB) (exclusively for the RS e:HEV CVT variant), an intelligent LED headlight that helps enhance visibility as well as adjusting the height of the light beam to avoid dazzling the car in front and pedestrians
    • Lead Car Departure Notification System (LCDN)

    Enhanced safety, security, and convenience with Honda CONNECT

    Also new to the CR-V is the Honda CONNECT. Using smart telematics technology, the Honda CONNECT allows a seamless connection of users with their cars via a smartphone application for an enhanced ownership experience. The Honda CONNECT enables customers to communicate with their vehicle, check its status, and even be notified of alerts with a smartphone. By introducing this technological advancement to the market, Honda strives to enhance the quality of life as it promotes greater safety and security as well as comfort and convenience.

    Enhancing the All-New CR-V’s safety features are Automatic Collision Detection, Security Alarm Detection, and Speed Alert. Automatic Collision Detection automatically detects collisions and calls for help to ensure timely assistance whenever required. Security Alarm Detection sends an alert when the alarm is triggered by trespassers, while Speed Alert allows the owner to keep an eye on how their vehicle is being driven through a series of notifications if the speed limit is exceeded.

    Honda CONNECT’s security features include Find My Car, Geofencing Alert, and Emergency Call. Find My Car helps owners quickly locate their vehicle by sending a pin location to their mobile device. Geofencing Alert notifies the owner if their car was taken beyond a set area limit, while Emergency Calls makes it easier to access emergency contacts through the app.

    For convenience, Honda CONNECT has Car Status, Remote Vehicle Control, and Service Reminder. Car Status alerts the owner of anything that requires attention and doubles as the vehicle’s diagnostic support system. This feature can also remotely check the fuel level, battery, lock, and airbag status.

    Remote Vehicle Control allows the owner to control various limited functions of their vehicle via smartphone app. It includes Remote Engine Start & Stop, Remote Air Conditioner Control, Remote Lock & Unlock, and Remote Light Control. 

    Lastly, the Service Reminder automatically reminds the owner when maintenance is due, and it can schedule an appointment with their nearest official service center right away.

    All-around protection with five-star safety

    On top of the driver-assistive technologies, the All-New Honda CR-V was awarded five stars by the ASEAN New Car Assessment Program (ASEAN NCAP). The redesigned SUV achieved this thanks to the features found in Honda SENSING, as well as a strong performance in impact occupant protection. With the active and passive safety systems working together, the All-New Honda CR-V received an impressive overall score of 87.16 out of 100. These results reflect Honda’s commitment to safety for all with a vision of realizing zero traffic collision fatalities involving Honda motorcycles and automobiles globally by 2050.

    Premium sportiness and toughness in all dimensions

    The All-New Honda CR-V features a sportier and sophisticated premium exterior. These are emphasized by its stronger, bolder lines with its prominent front grille, road-commanding presence, and sleek roofline. It is also longer and wider than ever before, giving this model grander proportions and a significantly broader stance. The look of the All-New CR-V projects Honda’s vision of making this model the ultimate all-rounder. 

    Taking design to the next level, the first-ever CR-V e:HEV RS:

    • RS-exclusive grille design that reflects the unique identity of the RS variant
    • Panoramic sunroof for a whole new vision and a premium feel
    • Piano Black side mirrors with turn signals
    • Door sash finished in Gloss Black
    • Front and rear LED foglights
    • Body Color Rear Spoiler with Piano Black Accents
    • Piano Black Shark Fin Antenna
    • Sporty, RS-exclusive 18-inch Piano Black Aluminum Alloy Wheels

    Form and function wrapped in a sophisticated exterior: The CR-V 1.5 V Turbo and 1.5 VX Turbo AWD

    • Newly designed front grille in Piano Black (VX Turbo AWD) and Honeycomb with Chrome (V Turbo)
    • Side mirrors with turn signals, electrically adjustable and automatic retractable.
    • LED headlights, LED daytime running lights, and LED Sequential Front Turn Signals
    • LED front fog lamps
    • LED taillights
    • Power Tailgate with Walk Away Close
    • Shark fin antenna
    • Dual stainless-steel exhaust finishers (1.5 VX CVT Turbo AWD)
    • 18-inch Silver Aluminum Alloy Wheels

    A high-quality interior that’s tough and versatile

    The high-quality and upscale touches of the All-New Honda CR-V makes the sixth-generation model the most premium and sophisticated yet. Its larger cabin brings with its greater comfort for the driver and passengers alike, while the repositioned windows give an airier and roomier feeling. 

    Three-row seating in the V Turbo and VX Turbo AWD, along with up to 840 liters of cargo space means the All-New CR-V offers flexible usability, making it ideal for active lifestyles while cherishing the time to spend with their families.

    A cabin that is a class above with premium standard features for comfort and convenience

    • Honda Smart Entry (V Turbo) and New Honda Smart Key Card Entry (VX Turbo)
    • Push-to-start system
    • 9″ Touchscreen Audio
    • New Wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto
    • New Navigation system (VX Turbo)
    • Bluetooth Hands-Free Telephone (HFT) & Audio Streaming, USB-input
    • 8 Speaker sound system
    • New Tri-Zone Automatic (V Turbo) and Intelligent Dual and Tri-Zone Automatic (VX Turbo)
    • New 10.2″ Full Digital Instrument Cluster
    • Black Leather seats
    • 8-Way Power Memory Seats (Driver’s side)
    • 4-Way Power (Passenger side)
    • Sliding and Reclining second-row seats
    • Three-row seating
    • New Wireless charger
    • Piano Black and Honeycomb Pattern (V Turbo) and Piano Black and Wood (VX Turbo)
    • Active Noise Control

    Taking the essence of premium sportiness, practicality, and cutting-edge technology with the RS Variant

    • New Honda Smart Key Card Entry
    • New Head-up Display (HUD)
    • New Bose Premium Audio System with 12-Speakers
    • Intelligent Dual-Zone Automatic
    • Black Leather seats with Red Stitching
    • 4-Way Power Lumbar Support
    • Two-row seating
    • Up to 1,064 liters of cargo space
    • Piano black and brushed metal trims
    • Power Flow Meter

    Refining and redefining a global leading model

    The grand concept of the All-New Honda CR-V is “Blown Away CR-V”. The development team aims to achieve the same level of spaciousness, ease of use, sophisticated premium feeling all at the same time. By pursuing the goal of creating an ultimate all-rounder, the sixth generation CR-V has become the car that gives pride to the owner with that feeling of a winner.

    The All-New Honda CR-V is the sixth iteration of the company’s leading global model. Also known as the Comfortable Runabout Vehicle, the fully redesigned CR-V continues a strong legacy that began in 1995 with over 13 million units sold since its introduction. 

    Now, it seeks to solidify its position as the leader of the C-segment SUVs by being the ultimate all-rounder. It has the abilities of a cross-country vehicle, the comfort and dynamics of a passenger car, and the utility of an MPV. The All-New Honda CR-V also highlights Honda’s commitment to providing environment-friendly vehicles all over the world.

    Since its arrival in the Philippines in 1997, the Honda CR-V has sold over 70,000 units, creating adventures and memories in Filipino households for over 25 years.

    “As a mobility manufacturer dedicated to the environment, Honda has for decades been engaged in developing a full range of vehicle electrification technologies. We are proud to launch the All-New Honda CR-V in the Philippines, as this generation is one of many firsts. It is the first CR-V with e:HEV technology which delivers outstanding driver pleasure and exceptional environmental performance, and i-VTEC Turbo power which provides agile acceleration and a sophisticated driving experience with also a much environmental performance. 

    The All-New Honda CR-V also ushers in Honda CONNECT, and we believe that this technology will further enhance the experience of our customers. More than an application, it’s a communication system with your Honda vehicle and with us. We are also proud to say that Honda SENSING is standard in all variants. There is no doubt that the Honda CR-V is an SUV that is close to Filipino hearts, and we are confident that the all-new model will continue that legacy.” said Rie Miyake, HCPI president.

    The e:HEV full hybrid system highlights the e:Technology which is Honda’s high-efficiency electrification solution towards a carbon neutral society. It is applied in a broad range of Honda products, not only in automobiles but also motorcycles, power products, and even in motorsports. 

    The All-New CR-V is available in five colors:

    The new color, Canyon River Blue Metallic offers a rich dark blue with large metallic particles that sparkle and shine to make customers feel pride in their daily lives and feel excited.

    Additional PHP20,000 for the Platinum White Peal

    Listed below are the suggested retail prices and unit availability in all 37 Honda Cars Philippines dealerships:

    • 2.0 RS e:HEV E-CVT – PHP2,590,000
    • 1.5 VX Turbo CVT AWD – PHP2,280,000
    • 1.5 V Turbo CVT – PHP2,100,000

    The All-New Honda CR-V 1.5 V Turbo CVT and CR-V 1.5 VX Turbo CVT AWD units are arriving this month. Meanwhile, the All-New Honda CR-V 2.0 RS e:HEV E-CVT will be available by October 2023.

    Interested customers are invited to experience the All-New Honda CR-V at the Drive the Future event in SM Mall of Asia Central Atrium on September 21-24 from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Visit any of the 37 Honda Cars Philippines dealerships or HCPI’s website for updates regarding the All-New Honda CR-V, other Honda models and technologies such as the Honda CONNECT, Honda SENSING, and Honda’s e:HEV full hybrid system.

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