Isuzu BLOWBAGETS promo for safer driving

    MobilityCarsIsuzu BLOWBAGETS promo for safer driving

    Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC), lets you welcome the summer season safely with  BLOWBAGETS. Inspired by the popular mnemonic, IPC advocates the importance of keeping Isuzu vehicles in tip-top shape and condition under the care and expertise of its certified technicians to help further protect drivers and passengers on the road. 

    From now until June 30, customers can avail special discounts on these selected BLOWBAGETS parts and services: 

    Battery Battery Replacement (Isuzu Battery Only) 20% On Labor
    Lights Lightbulb Replacement 20% On Labor and 20% On Parts
    Oil Complete PMS or Change Oil Free 1 Liter Engine Oil
    Water Wiper Blade Replacement 20% On Labor and 20% On Parts
    Brakes Brake Service Package 20% On Labor
    AirFree Health Report for PMS, Express Check (Gj), and Caltex SavePlus  Cards 
    G (D) Diesel
    Tires Wheel Alignment 20% On Labor
    SSafety FeaturesAll vehicles will also undergo routine checks on warning devices, stability control systems, brakes, and most especially all ADAS functions equipped in the All-New Isuzu D-MAX.

    Customers are encouraged to avail of this Isuzu BLOWBAGETS summer promo and book service appointments in advance by calling or visiting More information about the promo mechanics can also be found at this link. 

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