Watch out for the game-changing All-New Mitsubishi XFORCE!

    MobilityCarsWatch out for the game-changing All-New Mitsubishi XFORCE!

    Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) teases the All-New Mitsubishi XFORCE, a game-changing 5-seater compact SUV that promises to be a trendsetter with its exceptional blend of style, comfort, and practicality.

    Continuing its legacy of innovation, MMPC is set to introduce the All-New Mitsubishi XFORCE, a product specifically made for ASEAN customers. This new model is MMPC’s contender to the highly competitive compact SUV segment, bringing a fresh perspective and advanced features that will make it a standout choice for customers.

    The All-New Mitsubishi XFORCE will captivate the hearts of customers with its several distinctive features.

    Stylish yet Powerful Exterior Design

    The XFORCE showcases a silky and solid design concept that exudes excitement. It has an advanced and athletic design, combining sweeping lights and a sleek floating roof with the confidence and practicality of an SUV. Its broad shoulders and wide, sculpted wheel fenders enhance its robust and dynamic appearance.

    Driving Capability

    Featuring generous ground clearance and four selectable Drive Modes (NORMAL, WET, GRAVEL, MUD), the XFORCE ensures driving confidence and the signature Mitsubishi driving experience. The unique WET mode adjusts power delivery, traction, yaw control levels, and steering weight, enhancing stability and control on wet roads during sudden showers, which are common in the Philippines.

    Dynamic Sound YAMAHA Premium

    The All-New XFORCE is equipped with the Dynamic Sound YAMAHA Premium speakers. The 8 speakers (4 door woofers + 4 tweeters) make the XFORCE’s cabin a more exciting and comfortable space with its premium sound quality, akin to that of a live performance by performers. The speakers are finely tuned by Yamaha Sound Meisters to deliver optimal sound quality within the vehicle’s cabin. It also has MITSUBISHI MOTORS’ special SCV (Speed Compensated Volume) and equalizer function, which provide clear, well-balanced sound even when driving on rough roads for an enjoyable listening experience.

    This game-changing compact SUV will soon hit the market in July. In anticipation of strong market demand, MMPC has already prepared its inventory to ensure the All-New Mitsubishi XFORCE will be available for immediate delivery upon its launch on July 5, 2024. 

    Learn more about this new model by visiting and registering at and stay tuned for further announcements. MMPC will reveal more exciting details about the All-New Mitsubishi XFORCE on June 28, 2024. 

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