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Subaru launches the all-new 2019 Forester

Motor Image Pilipinas Incorporated, the official distributor of Subaru vehicles in the Philippines, has just launched the all-new 2019 Forester in the country.

The event was attended by Subaru Executives deputy chairman and managing director of Tan Chong International Ltd. Glenn Tan as well as Motul executives  Motul of Japan K.K. chairman Masaki Shimizu.

The new Forester now supports the new Subaru Global Platform and Eyesight Driver Assist Technology which creates an additional layer of safety different driving conditions. Also present in the new Forester are Subaru’s core technologies such as symmetrical all-wheel drive and the iconic boxer engine together with the special X-Mode function for flood or mud conditions all making for a strong and safe vehicle.

“The All-New Forester is now bigger and better, both inside and out.  This is the first Forester which incorporates all of Subaru’s four proprietary technologies which means a safer, more comfortable and enjoyable driving experience for drivers and passengers,”said Tan.

Excellent technology and driveability

Safety in challenging terrains and road conditions is provided by the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive feature. The iconic feature works by transferring power to each wheel ensuring the best stability and traction control.

To further improve handling, road noise cancelling, and stability, the Forester is now equipped with the Subaru Global Platform which is mated to a new direct injection engine with a 7-speed manual mode CVT for enhanced fuel efficiency and acceleration. Also included is the X-MODE function which allows mode selection on demand for adapting in different road conditions through a dial switch. Safety while descending is provided by the hill descent control function that limits speeds on downhill slopes. Active Torque Vectoring boosts the stability of the vehicle by applying brakes in the inner wheels while distributing torque to the outer wheels during sharp turns.

Award-winning safety features

Safety is also beefed-up in the new Forester with the EyeSight advanced driver assist technology which features an automatic pre-collision braking, pre-collision throttle management, adaptive cruise control, lead vehicle start alert, lane departure, as well as lane sway warning. Reversing and parking is also aided by its built-in reverse-linked mirror for added safety and convenience.

Comfort and Versatility

Navigating through heavy rainfall, floods, and off-road rivers are made better thanks to its 220 mm road clearance and extensive use of high-tensile steel. It also has a wide cargo space, wider tailgate opening, and raised roof rails for tie down cargo.

Interior has increased legroom, USB charging ports, air-conditioning vents behind the center console, and an easy-to-read 6.3 LCD color Multi-Function Display for the driver.

The new 2019 Subaru Forester will be available in 3 trims namely the 2.0i-L, 2.0i-L ES, and 2.0-S ES. Prices are yet to be released.

Partnership with Motul

Ensuring that all Subaru vehicles, including the new Forester, are using only the best lubricants, Subaru and Motul introduced the Subaru Engine Oils by Motul. The formula is composed of 0W20 and 5w30 fully synthetic oils which are designed for the Southeast Asian climate. It will be exclusively available through official Subaru dealerships across Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

“Motorsports is part of Motul’s DNA, and Motul has been closely linked with Subaru and the STI brand since the Subaru World Rally Team competed in the World Rally Championship (WRC) back in the 1980s. Today, Motul is very pleased to be collaborating with Motor Image to provide an exclusive line-up of lubricant products and customer experience for its customers. We believe this regional collaboration will further strengthen its partnership with Subaru beyond just Motorsports,” said Shimizu.

Expansion, Improved Customer Experience, and Better Aftersales Support

Subaru also announced its new plans for sales and support in the country, starting with the expansion of its dealership network which they aim to double this year. The company aims to open dealerships in Calamba, Tagum, and La Union to name a few.

The brand is also set to launch its next-generation showrooms that are touted to provide a family and retail-centric experience. Improvements on the next-generation showrooms include interactive orientation kiosks, technology bar, virtual reality room, newly-designed forest-themed play area dubbed the “Subaru Loves Children and Babies,” customized bright fragrance called “Essence,” and new exclusive Subaru merchandise.

“Our customers in the Philippines have been strong supporters of Subaru all these years and we are grateful for the love that they have extended to the brand,” said Tan.