Toyota unveils the 2020 Wigo with more advanced features

    Mobility Cars Toyota unveils the 2020 Wigo with more advanced features

    Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has officially unveiled the 2020 update of the country’s best-selling entry-level hatchback, the Toyota Wigo, in an interactive digital launch streamed online, debuting at a time when the public face limitations in public transportation and increasing safety concerns. The New Wigo addresses mobility needs during these challenging times, providing the best option for budget-conscious first-time car buyers and those looking for extra car for other family members.

    “The New Wigo remains an iconic car that offers the same familiar feeling of practicality and reliability, but made more advanced, more convenient, safer, and more fun with its sleek and sporty TRD Styling,” said TMP president Atsuhiro Okamoto during his welcome remarks.

    The 2020 Wigo lineup is headlined by the new TRD S, a sporty and exciting variant perfectly designed for an adventurous driving experience. 

    The rest of the lineup introduces changes and more advanced features while still having the same reliable quality of any Toyota vehicle. Overall, the New Wigo stays true to being a practical and affordable choice that can cater to the market’s transportation needs, all while being fun to drive.


    TRD SPHP 700,000Yellow SE / White / Gray Metallic
    G ATPHP 658,000Orange Metallic / Black / Silver Metallic / White / Gray Metallic
    G MTPHP 623,000Orange Metallic / Black / Silver Metallic / White / Gray Metallic
    E MTPHP 568,000Silver Metallic / White / Gray Metallic

    Sportier styling inside and out

    The New Wigo G gets machine cut design alloy wheels and a new look on its rear combination lamps. The G and E variants also share a new front bumper look.

    On top of the machine cut design alloy wheels and redesigned rear combination lamps, the TRD S variant sports a more adventurous look with the TRD kit installed. The kit includes the front spoiler, side skirt, two-tone rear spoiler, rear skirt, and TRD S badge and decals. The new yellow SE color is only available in the TRD S variant.

    The spacious interior features redesigned seats and chrome accents, with the LCD air conditioner panel (for TRD S and G variants) for easier access and control. 

    More advanced features

    The New Wigo now comes with the push start button and steering switch, as well as LCD touch panel type A/C for the TRD S and G variants. The power retract and adjust side mirrors make driver rear visibility easily adjustable, and parking is more convenient and beginner friendly with the new back camera that comes with TRD S and G variants. 

    The TRD S variant’s TRD kit also includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, Voice command feature, and a class leading digital video recorder, making every trip safer, more convenient, and enjoyable.

    All variants come with power door lock and a new instrument panel design for easier access to controls.

    Safety features are never compromised with all variants coming with SRS airbags for the driver and front passenger, back sonar, and anti-lock brake system (ABS).

    For more information on the New Wigo, visit TMP’s official website at and follow the official social media pages at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

    VIDEO CREDITS: The featured video is from Toyota Motor Philippines’ YouTube channel.

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