CTEK Complete Professional Battery Maintenance System now in PH

    The CTEK PRO Series is now available in the Philippines. The CTEK PROFESSIONAL CHARGING SERIES is designed to meet the demands of modern automotive workshops servicing vehicles that have increasing requirements for powerful battery support. With around 1 in 4 vehicles entering the workshop with an undercharged battery, it has become increasingly common for vehicles to experience premature battery failure. CTEK’s  powerful professional-grade battery maintenance system not only keeps up with these needs, but also to help make operations around the workshop easier and more efficient.

    The first of the lot is the PRO60— an innovative, versatile, and highly efficient 60A battery charger and power supply. The PRO60 restores, charges, and reconditions the battery using a patented multi-step charging process. It is compatible with all types of 12V batteries, including lithium (LiFePO4). Its unique patented Adaptive Charging mode automatically recognizes the size of the battery and selects the optimum charging settings for the fastest charge.

    It is also perfect for diagnostic or software flashing work, procedures that require the vehicle’s ignition to be switched on for long periods of time. Providing up to 60A of clean and constant current, the PRO60 has a variable yet extremely stable output, offering total flexibility for the user with 12.6V to 14.8V available, selectable in 0.1V increments. Due to its inherently low voltage ripple, low current ripple and a range of integrated safety features, the PRO60is safe for the battery and the vehicle’s delicate electronic systems.

    While all that jargon makes the PRO60 sound extremely complicated, it is actually designed to be user-friendly, with a simple interface with just four buttons and an LCD display. The product’s design also allows for convection cooling through a center cooling core. And it has a unique “Resonant Converter” that delivers high levels of current with high efficiency and stability, even at high ambient temperatures.

    To complement the PRO60 is the PRO BATTERY TESTER. While the PRO60 does the hardcore charging job, the Battery Tester is made to perform quick, simple, and accurate tests on the battery and electrical system in seconds, without heat or sparks. The PRO Battery Tester also offers complete flexibility. It is compatible with all battery rating systems (CCA, DIN, EN, IEC, SAE) and 12V lead-acid battery chemistries (standard – flooded, AGM, and GEL), and even works on batteries as low as 1V.

    The PRO Battery Tester is equipped with an integrated printer, wherein results can be printed and reviewed immediately by the shop’s technical personnel and customer, providing real-time insight to preventative maintenance routines and customer service.

    To quote Peter White, Professional Business Unit Manager at CTEK, “Battery issues are becoming more and more common in vehicles entering the workshop. When a vehicle enters the workshop, oil and other fluid levels, tire pressures and brake condition are all regularly checked and any issues addressed. With the help of our PRO Series of products, workshops can now offer this level of service to their customers’ vehicle batteries – easily, safely and without disruption to usual workshop routines. The introduction of the CTEK PRO Battery Tester to the CTEK PRO Series enables us to offer a complete CTEK battery management solution.”

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