Ford Everest delivers outstanding fuel efficiency in Petron eco-run

    MANILA, Philippines, 30 April 2018 – The Ford Everest was among the top fuel efficient vehicles in the recently-concluded Petron TriAction Performance Run – Diesel Edition.

    The Ford Everest landed on the 3rd spot among ten (10) participating vehicles with a fuel mileage achievement of 27.21 km/L. It was also one of the most improved in terms of fuel efficiency performance from last year’s fuel economy run organized by the Department of Energy.

    The vehicles participated in a week-long series of tests on challenging mountain roads from Baguio to Ambuklao, and then from Baguio to Halsema, the highest elevation in the Philippine highway system, before finishing with a fuel economy run from Baguio back to Manila. The route involved real-world driving conditions with mixed driving conditions which included hilly terrain, fully-loaded vehicles, and no convoys.

    During the run, drivers were asked to rate the performance of different diesel fuels in a stringent double blind procedure. Using a different diesel fuel each day for four days, the drivers drove the same winding, uphill-downhill route from Baguio City to Ambuklao Dam and back.

    “Fuel efficiency in our vehicles is very important for us at Ford, so we’re very pleased with the impressive fuel efficiency results obtained by the Ford Everest in this eco-run. We look forward to participating in more initiatives such as this to showcase that Ford vehicles are fuel efficient,” said Bertrand Lessard, managing director, Ford Philippines.

    The Petron-led fuel economy run was observed and certified by representatives from Department of Energy (DOE), Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP), and the Car Awards Group, Inc. (CAGI).

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