Ford Upgrades Eco-Sport with Six Smart Features

    Technology has definitely changed the way we live today – all the way to driving our cars. Much like how cellphones are now capable of doing more than sending messages or making calls, cars have become large smart devices with advanced technologies that make it easier and more convenient for customers to get from point A to point B.

    Recently, the American brand Ford  has upgraded EcoSport with smart features perfect for the tech-savvy driver. Here’s a rundown of the features from the refreshed EcoSport that helps you do more, move freely, and make the most of our fast-paced lifestyle:

    SYNC 3
    The new EcoSport is powered by SYNC ® 3 that allows drivers to keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel while staying connected through their smartphone. SYNC ® 3 features voice control for the entertainment system and for the driver’s calls and text messages. The AppLink 3.0 feature on SYNC ® 3 allows passengers to use their favorite apps via the car’s touchscreen.

    Rear View Camera with Rear Parking Assist
    Reverse parking is made easier with the new EcoSport’s Rear View Camera with Rear Parking Assist. This feature alerts the driver by sounding off a noticeable alarm when it detects unseen objects and even people within a few meters.

    Rain Sensing Wipers
    The Rain Sensing Wipers is another feature of the new EcoSport that is most useful and relevant during the rainy weather. When it rains or when a passing car splashes water onto your windscreen, the Rain Sensing Wipers automatically turn on. No need to manually turn it on as the car does it for you.

    Automatic Headlights
    It is difficult driving when there is poor visibility or when it gets dark outside. The new EcoSport headlamps automatically turn on when daylight starts to fade, making driving safer. Navigate easily through the busy streets and unpredictable road conditions at night with this smart feature.

    Smart Keyless Entry
    Fumbling for your car keys? With the new EcoSport, the Smart Keyless Entry feature allows you to get into your car without having the keys in your hand. As long as they key fob is inside the driver’s bag or pocket, the system senses when it’s within the range of the car. Just pull on the front door handles and the car will easily unlock.

    The new EcoSport is a smart and fuel-efficient vehicle that comes with the 1.0L EcoBoost engine that produces more power while consuming less fuel. It comes with the Auto Start/Stop Technology that switches off your engine when you stop at traffic lights or idling in a queue.

    EcoBoost is Ford’s most advanced engine that makes vehicles more fuel efficient without compromising power and performance.

    Visit the official website of Ford EcoSport for more information or drop by to an authorized and nearest Ford dealer.

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