Get Ready for Christmas in the Kia Carnival

    Kia cares about you and your family. That is why the brand with The Power to Surprise designed the Kia Grand Carnival to be the ultimate choice for every type of adventure your family may find itself out on the road this holiday season.

    The Kia Grand Carnival sets itself apart in the competitive MPV market because there is nothing else like it out there. Based on Kia’s innovative Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV) design platform, the Carnival is bigger than a typical mini-van while possessing a more polished drive and design than a typical 18-seater van, finding itself in a sweet spot between function and fashion without compromising either one.

    Named as one of the 12 Best Family Cars of 2017 by the esteemed Kelley Blue Book guide, the Carnival was recognized for both its overall performance scoring high on comfort, value and driving performance. The Carnival possesses an array of thoughtfully designed features and functions aimed at making every trip with the family as enjoyable as possible.

    Smart Solutions to Storage and Seating

    Comfortable leather-covered seats are a definite highlight of the Carnival experience. But it’s not just the upholstery material that makes these seats such a stand out feature.

    Like any good MPV, the seats can be rearranged to provide more storage. However, instead of simply folding up and to the side, or folding forward, the Carnival’s rear-most row’s sinking seats disappear down into the floor providing a completely flat surface. The second-row captain’s seats will slide forward and stand-up for both ease of entry and increased cargo room.

    It’s easy to tailor the Carnival’s interior to meet the demands of your family. From shopping for Christmas gifts, long road trips, supermarket supply runs or even moving furniture, the Carnival will swallow it up and will be ready to go.

    Pop the Trunk at the Push of a Button

    Power doors are something you never knew you wanted, or even needed in a car until you’ve experienced for yourself the convenience they bring, thanks to the Kia Carnival. With the push of a button, you can have the side doors as well as the rear tailgate open to provide full access to the Carnival’s cavernous interior.

    Hands full with shopping bags? The Smart Tailgate will automatically open when it senses the key fob in the vicinity for three seconds. You can even conveniently change the maximum opening height of the tailgate if vertical space in your garage is limited or so your kids can also reach the power close button.

    The Control Center

    The Kia Grand Carnival makes it easy and convenient for the driver to control every aspect of the vehicle’s interior from the cabin.

    The power doors can all be easily controlled from the center overhead console, within reach of the driver and front passenger seat along with the usual power windows and locks on the door’s armrest.

    The Carnival’s steering wheel controls could intimidate some driver’s with the array of options to manipulate the infotainment system and not just the direction where the car is going.

    Multi-sector climate control is also within reach for easy adjustments during those chilly evening drives.

    Soaking in the Scenery

    The driver’s elevated seating position and the thoughtfully designed front windshield provide excellent viewing angles while you maneuver the Carnival.

    It’s not just the people on the front seats that can enjoy the views. The expansive side windows and sunroof allow everyone in the car to admire the colorful lights and decorations that emerge at this time of year.

    At night, the Carnival’s bright interior lighting is cleverly positioned for optimal illumination, from everywhere inside the car.

    With the Kia Grand Carnival, Kia has set out to break all the stereotypes of the MPV category, and in the process, evolved from the format into something else entirely. To see for yourself just how much more evolved the Carnival’s interior is from everything else on the market, go to your nearest Kia dealership.

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