Isuzu Eco-Drive Training Helps Truck Fleet Customers with their Businesses

    Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) has taken the initiative to share with its fleet customers of Isuzu trucks theories, practical knowledge, and the latest technology in optimal and responsible driving in its monthly Isuzu Eco-Drive Training.

    This special training aims to support the profitability of the businesses of fleet owners by expertly training their drivers how to drive efficiently.  The program will allow customers to maximize the strengths of every Isuzu truck. By learning and mastering practices, techniques, and Isuzu core technologies from IPC, customers will be able to operate and maintain Isuzu trucks to the best of their abilities. 

    The sessions are an adaptation of Wacom Hokkaido Co Ltd’s driver education program on economy and safety driving that has become well-received by customers over the years. During these training sessions, IPC’s fleet customer representatives (mostly driver employees) engage in discussions and lectures on economical and efficient driving. Participants then do actual driving exercises using Isuzu light-duty vehicles installed with the Mimamori Online Service advanced operation information system, and guided by specially trained expert Isuzu drivers.

    The Mimamori Online Service advanced operation information system employs the latest communications and GPS technology to collect real-time data on vehicle operation status. This data is shared with the Mimamori Center, where it is analyzed to enable real-time vehicle management through interactive communication between the vehicle and the office. On the vehicle side, voice guidance and audible alarms advise the driver on fuel-use reduction and safe driving while the vehicle is in motion. Meanwhile, on the management side, the system provides the ability to track the vehicle’s current location and status of operation in order to help maximize logistics efficiency.

    Finally, participants undergo a seminar on the actual practice of conducting daily inspections, which reinforces the preventive maintenance procedures for every Isuzu vehicle.

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