Isuzu PH Launches New, More Efficient RZ4E Engine

    MobilityIsuzu PH Launches New, More Efficient RZ4E Engine

    The country’s leading brand in commercial vehicles, Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC)  is introducing another first in diesel engine technology with its all-new RZ4E Blue Power engine.

    “The global trend of producing smaller capacity engine that has an output of larger engines has come to Isuzu,” said IPC president Hajime Koso. “The new RZ4E Blue Power engine, carries with it our years of experience as a diesel engine manufacturer. Carefully developed to provide optimized power and torque; this engine performs efficiently, with much care for the environment, running with less noise & vibrations, and is very easy to maintain,” he added.

    Totaling four years of test and development, the EURO 4-compliant Isuzu RZ4E engine has a displacement of 1,898-cc producing maximum power of 150 PS at 3,600 rpm and  maximum torque of 350 N-m from 1,800-2600 rpm.

    New technological features include a well-design combustion system composed of  diamond like coated (DLC) pistons pins coupled with a clothoid curve combustion chamber, and a new fracture split design connecting rod and DLC fuel injector needles—all put together to decrease engine friction for improved fuel economy and lesser exhaust emissions.

    Aside from the combustion system, the RZ4E also has a new water-cooled variable geometry turbo-charger (VGT) system that ensures the engine has excellent throttle response even at low rpm. The turbo-charger’s turbine is made from high temperature resistant material while the central body is water cooled for durability.

    For ease of maintenance, the new RZ4E engine has a hydraulic valve lash adjuster (HVLA) which keeps the correct valve lash clearance; a single engine accessory drive-belt for the alternator and air-conditioning compressor; and a cartridge-type oil filter, an ecological feature that eliminates discarding of the metal canister by replacing only the paper element of the filter.

    To test the fuel economy of the new engine, Isuzu conducted road tests using mu-X RZ4E LS-A variants running alongside its current Isuzu mu-X 2.5L variants.

    The Isuzu mu-X RZ4E LS-A MT logged 37.27 km/L, and improvement of 14.32% over the 2.5-liter variant’s 32.60 km/L fuel economy record, while the Isuzu mu-X RZ4E LS-A AT achieved 35.80 km/L, 48.36% higher than the equivalent 2.5-liter variant (24.13 km/L). The internal test was conducted under the supervision and verification of the Automobile Association Philippine (AAP) following the Department of Energy (DOE) testing parameters and standards.

    The new Isuzu RZ4E Blue Power engine is set to replace Isuzu’s existing 2.5-liter variants and will be made available for both the Isuzu mu-X and D-MAX models. As an entry level SUV ideal for a fleet or as a company vehicle, IPC will offer the Isuzu mu-X RZ4E LS 4×2 MT with standard SUV features. For urban dwellers, the new Isuzu mu-X RZ4E 4×2 LS-A MT and AT variants will be packed with top of the line SUV features.

    Similar to the mu-X, the Isuzu D-MAX will have its own smart and functional variants – the Isuzu D-MAX RZ4E 4×2 LS MT and AT. Ideal for urban drivers, these two new variants offer comfortable driving experience while maintaining its cargo truck capabilities.

    The new Isuzu mu-X RZ4E variants are available in five colors: havana brown, cosmic black, obsidian gray, titanium silver, and silky pearl white. Prices are set at Php 1,395,000 for the mu-X RZ4E 4×2 LS MT; Php 1,570,000 for the mu-X RZ4E 4×2 LS-A MT; and Php 1,595,000 for the mu-X RZ4E 4×2 LS-A AT. An additional P10K will be added to vehicle price for all silky pearl white LS-A units only. Prices of the Isuzu D-MAX RZ4E variants will be announced later.

    Isuzu has more than 80 years of diesel manufacturing experience and has produced more than 27-million diesel engines. It holds the No. 1 position in various Commercial Vehicle categories in 29 countries world-wide, including the Philippines.

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