Michelin introduces ‘Michelin Energy XM2+’ tires for small and mid-size passenger cars.

    The world’s leading tire company, Michelin, has launched a brand new tire in the country last September 11, at the Manila Polo Club in Taguig.

    The Michelin Energy XM2+ is the tire brand’s latest offering for small and mid-size passenger vehicles in the country. The new tire was developed to outperform the previous generation (of tires) in wet braking throughout its lifespan.

    “The MICHELIN Energy XM2+ improves, in various aspects, on its predecessor – the MICHELIN Energy XM2, which has been a leading mass-market tire for 8 consecutive years. Its performance is made to last. Also, the tire’s ‘Stopping Superpower’ is preserved at a high level, even when the tire has been used for a long time. As its advertising campaign goes, MICHELIN Energy XM2+ is a ‘Stopping Superpower’, keeping consumers safe and confident on the road, time after time,” said Michael Nunag, Michelin’s chief representative to the Philippines.

    According to Michelin, the Energy XM2+ has a new full-rubber silica compound that provides shorter wet braking distance by 1.5 meters when new, and 2.6 meters when worn compared to other brand in a test conducted in Thailand last year. In another test, this time in China, the new tires outlived its competitors by lasting 25 percent longer.

    “The ‘+’ sign on the sidewall denotes the rubber compound upgrade that is behind the braking superiority of the MICHELIN Energy XM2+ versus its predecessor. The tire also maintains the Green ‘X’ marking of its predecessor, indicating optimized fuel savings. We hope the combination of enhanced safety and superior value-for-money will particularly appeal to the younger consumers,” Nunag added.

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