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Hyundai Lateral Drift Championship concludes 2014 season

The final leg of the 2015 Hyundai Lateral Drift last November 15 proved to be a nail biter as both the amateur and professional groups’ overall champion was anybody’s guess.

Amateur Division’s second placer Peter Schroth (left) and overall champion Kar Montaner (right).

In the Amateur class, Kar Montaner from Team Drive Hard Crew was named the overall champion, with Peter Schroth submitting to second place.

Professional Division second placer John Boban (left) and overall champion Gio Rodriguez (right).

For the Professionals, Gio Rodriguez of Team Atoy Customs came out as top dog, besting John Boban of Team Nakang Drift Mob.

Rookie of the Year Peter Schroth.

Meanwhile, Peter Scroth was also awarded the Rookie of the Year honor.



The Hyundai Lateral Drift 2014 Championship Series will return for its 10th season next year for more sideways driving action.