Partner for Life advocacy program boosts skills and earnings for motorcycle mechanics, helps in supporting delivery rider community

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    Since their victory as National Champions of Partner for Life 2019, Castrol’s annual training and recognition program for motorbike mechanics, the mechanic team at MC Motorparts have experienced a massive boost in their skills and profitability, helping them service bikes of delivery riders and customers during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

    “Joining the program has been a true blessing for me and the mechanics at MC Motorparts,” said Arnel Evero, owner of the Lipa (Batangas) City-based MC Motorparts. 

    “We were not only recognized in Luzon, but in the whole Philippines as well, greatly improving the business in ways we’ve never seen before.”

    Castrol Super Mechanics Rall Magnaye, Alvin Camitan, and Allan Lucero, and shop owner Arnel Evero emerged as the champions of the Partner for Life 2019 National Final event held last December 2019, edging out eight of the country’s best motorcycle mechanics teams. 

    Following their success, a wave of transformation continues to benefit team MC Motorparts personally. 

    “The program provided us with more practical knowledge on how to work on bikes at a professional level, recommend the right products, and minimize wear of motorcycles from daily use,” said Allan Lucero. 

    “The competition raised my confidence in my ability, as our customers are now happier with our work, therefore trusting us more,” said Rall Magnaye, Castrol Super Mechanic 2019.

    Partner for Life courses that stood out most to them included Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI), Fault Codes, and Troubleshooting, enabling them to “be more effective in diagnosing what’s wrong with the motorbikes brought to us,” said Allan Lucero. The development of their skills has resulted in better business for MC Motorparts. 

    “We are getting an overwhelming number of customers looking to have their bikes fixed, which is a good problem for us to have. This makes us more confident in our abilities and the output of our work, which is a great help to our operations. In fact, since joining Partner for Life, we’ve seen the number of customers more than triple,” Evero noted.

    At the same time, with the increasing reliance on door-to-door deliveries with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the majority of MC Motorparts’ customers now consist of delivery riders—most of them asking for fuel injection maintenance and oil change services.

    “Partner for Life’s modules on EFI and Troubleshooting are most helpful to us as we are experiencing a greater demand for these services,” said Evero. 

    The 2019 Castrol Academy–Partner for Life National Final Event concludes Castrol’s annual search for the most talented Filipino motorcycle mechanics. Since it began in 2014, the program has engaged motorcycle mechanics nationwide to improve their skills, knowledge, and expertise in two-wheeler mechanics and new technologies. 

    To learn more about Castrol and its Partner for Life program, visit

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