SEAOIL protects frontliner staff with personal protective kits

    MobilityMobility NewsSEAOIL protects frontliner staff with personal protective kits

    As part of their #FuelPHtoRecovery campaign, SEAOIL Philippines assures customers that it is safe to gas up at their outlets as it has taken active steps to protect station personnel from the coronavirus disease. The company has embarked on a campaign to help customers and staff remain always safe, prioritizing safety at every step.

    As early as the beginning of the enhanced community quarantine period, personnel in all SEAOIL outlets have been given alcohol, liquid soap and gloves for their personal use. They also received vitamins to boost their immunity. 

    Face masks designed and produced by Rags2Riches, a social enterprise dedicated to eco-ethical fashion, were distributed to outlets across the country. SEAOIL’s decision to partner with Rags2Riches is their way of helping boost the local economy and providing livelihood to the brand’s artisans.  

    Each staff member was also provided with a face shield designed by top car customizer, Atoy Llave, who perfected the mold to ensure that the shield is comfortable to wear, even for an extended period of time.

    Additionally, SEAOIL also offers contactless payments to minimize physical contact between staff and customers. Paymaya, G-Cash and PriceLOCQ are available as totally contactless options. For those paying using credit card or cash, customers can place their payments in trays. For cash payments, SEAOIL is encouraging customers to pay the exact amount to reduce contact.

    “As we move forward with this new normal, we are making sure that our frontliners are protected and our customers safe when they gas up at SEAOIL,“ said CEO Glenn Yu in a statement. 

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