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Special Maserati event in Shanghai celebrates “Neptune in the Wind” sculpture


Shanghai, China, at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) – an extraordinary Maserati-related work of art by internationally famous artist and sculptor Oliviero Rainaldi was celebrated at an exclusive party attended by more than 200 VIPs, together with special guests such as the sculpture’s creator Oliviero Rainaldi, Maserati CEO Harald Wester and Director of MoCA Samuel Kung.

Oliviero Rainaldi, an Italian artist and sculptor of international renown who concentrates on the sculpture’s figure and material to produce works featuring a simple style, flowing lines, classical beauty, refined composition and a condensed yet dynamic form, was assigned on behalf of Maserati to create a sculpture in honour of its tradition. As a result, the “Neptune in the Wind” sculpture was born.


This fine work celebrating the company’s 100 years is in bas-relief on a slab of Crystal white marble. Measuring 260 cm high by 190 cm wide and weighing 600 kg, in stone specially delivered from Vietnam due to its non-standard measurements, the sculpture is a marvellous sight. The type of marble used has the distinctive characteristic of being perfectly white both on the surface and in transparency, a feature exploited to the full in this particular work, completed by LED backlighting for an even more stunning effect.

The entire work is framed by a 5 mm steel band, shaped on the back and supported by a special slightly inclined easel-shaped structure. The use of this technique is innovative, both because this frame has functions beyond its traditional decorative purpose and due to the work’s considerable size. The final result allows the sculpture to be viewed in two ways, with natural lighting as well as with the integral lighting system, generating an additional and completely different effect.

What’s more, the sculpture sets outs to express some of the specific connotations of the Maserati brand: power, dynamism, speed and elegance, symbolised by the mythical figure of Neptune with his Trident. The artist has also created 20 numbered exquisite tiles (1-20) in backlit white marble, measuring 25×30 cm and reproducing the full-size sculpture, again in backlit white marble.

The sculpture, alongside many other creations by Oliviero Rainaldi, is being hosted at the MoCA – Museum of Contemporary Art – in Shanghai at the special exhibition “Echos: Sculptures by Oliviero Rainaldi”, the artist’s very first solo show not only in Shanghai but also anywhere in China. After the opening ceremony held on 9 April with a glittering vernissage and over 600 guests, this exhibition will run until 24 May.

“Echos” is an exhibition which visitors can not only see but also hear and feel – an experience with close associations with that of driving a Maserati itself.

Maserati, main sponsor of the exhibition, thanks not only Oliviero Rainaldi for the excellent artwork, but also Stefano Beltrame, Consul General of the Republic of Italy in Shanghai, for his continuous support, Ambassador Umberto Vattani, President of Venice International University, which has established close cooperation with China, producing outstanding exhibitions there and underlining the importance of the Italian art in China, Dato’ Rosemarie Wee and the Shangri-La Hotel staff, the Italian Embassy and the Italian Trade Agency in Kuala Lumpur and of course all the Management of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai Foundation.

It gives Maserati particular pleasure to hold this celebration in China since this is its second largest market in the world, with 9,400 units sold in 2014 and growth of 148% over 2013. This growth has been achieved through the opening of 44 new dealerships and sales boosted by the best-selling Quattroporte and Ghibli versions with 330 hp Twin Turbo engine and rear-wheel drive.

Today Maserati is enjoying extremely impressive growth. Present in more than 60 markets, it is an international ambassador for the excellent engineering and craftsmanship that Italy is known for, fittingly expressed through its unique, exclusive automotive products.