Experience hybrids, full electrics, and ICE at the Summer Test Drive Festival

    MobilityMobility NewsExperience hybrids, full electrics, and ICE at the Summer Test Drive Festival

    More people are enjoying the benefits of driving vehicles with hybrid engines. Aside from spending less on fuel, owners of hybrid vehicles are taking advantage of being exempted from the coding scheme in Metro Manila.

    More full electric vehicles are also now available which also offer similar benefits, aside from manufacturer claims of lower operational and maintenance costs.

    Still many remain wary about shifting to hybrids not quite sure about how they drive in day-to-day traffic and on the highway.

    This is especially true with sedans, SUVs, and crossovers with batteries that power electric motors. Do they drive like vehicles with ICE powertrains.

    Those who are curious about how to operate hybrid and battery-powered vehicles can test drive and compare them with ICE vehicles at the Auto Focus Summer Test Drive Festival (AFSTDF) making a return to the SM Mall of Asia Open Grounds in Pasay City.

    The annual event brings together in one venue the country’s biggest and best brands to showcase and provide test drives of their local lineup of vehicles.

    This year 17 automotive brands, many of them offering hybrid vehicles as well as full electrics, are participating in the festival which place on May 9 to 12.

    These include BYD Cars Philippines, Changan Auto Ph, DFSK Philippines, Ford Philippines, GAC Motor Philippines, Geely Philippines, GWM Philippines, Honda Cars Philippines, Hyundai Motor Philippines, Isuzu Philippines Corporation, Jetour Auto Ph, Kia Philippines, MG Philippines, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines, Nissan Philippines, Suzuki Philippines, and Toyota Motor Philippines.

    At the festival, prospective buyers can also discover and compare the best deals, discounts, and financing offered by participating brands.

    Those who want to know more about how hybrid powertrains work and about the range and charging times of battery-powered vehicles, as well as the all-important warranties, can learn these things from team members deployed by participating brands to help showcase the advanced features of their models.

    The Auto Focus Summer Test Drive Festival will be held from May 9 to 12, 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM at the SM Mall of Asia Open Grounds.  Entrance and test drives are free. 

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