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Honda holds workshop for club officers          

Honda Philippines, Inc. held the first ever all-Honda club officers seminar last October 25, 2015 at the Honda Safety Driving Center through the efforts of the Honda Owners Group Philippines (HOG Phils) and the Honda Riders Club Philippines (HRCP).     

28 Honda Clubs from Metro Manila and nearby provinces sent a total of 72 representatives to the workshop, with the organizations limited to two officers from the main club and a single officer from its chapters.

The participants were treated to lectures regarding motorcycle organizations, basics of club management, key components to success, how to manage conflicts, and practical rules in club management. An open forum was also held wherein clubs voiced out their specific concerns and were immediately given feedback and solutions. The event was led by Nilo Fernandez, the founding president of HRCP.

The delegates left the seminar with Honda t-shirts and caps, while some lucky officers got to go home with special prizes and gift certificates donated by HRCP.

The workshop was attended by the following clubs:

  • Wave Owners Riders Club
  • XR 200 Metro Manila
  • Icon Club
  • XRM Bikers Club Philippines
  • Click 125i Owners Club Philippines
  • Alpha Gilas Riders Club
  • Wave 100 Underbone Club Philippines
  • Laguna BeAT Riders Club
  • Honda TMX Riders Club
  • Marinduque Centro Riders Club
  • Click Owners Club
  • Dash Riders Club
  • Lucky 7 Riders Club
  • Fairview BeAT Riders Club
  • Code-R
  • Scooperos
  • Club Scoopy Philippines
  • Team Honda Wave 125 Philippines
  • Team RS Philippines
  • CAMANAVA Honda BeAT Club
  • Rizal Beat Scoopy Republic
  • O.C. Rizal
  • Gongpa Stock Bikes
  • SJDM BeAT Club
  • Sunday Club
  • XR 125 XR 150 Riders Brotherhood
  • Honda Riders Club Philippines
  • VVM Riders Club