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Honda launches new Zoomer-X to wrap up Gen S trifecta

Honda Philippines, Inc. has unveiled the new Zoomer-X, completing its Generation S trio that brings riders smart technology and innovative features for a more enjoyable time aboard their steeds. The motorcycle was launched alongside the Click 125i and BeAT-Fi during the Honda Gen-S Scooter Parade and Festival at the Blue Bay Walk, Pasay City last Saturday, September 26, 2015.

“These Gen S smart riders appreciate how their Honda scooters, powered by Smart Technology, enhance their daily life by creating positive impacts on fuel savings, road safety and the environment, especially in the long term,” said HPI president Daiki Mihara.

“The Honda Gen-S scooters now include the BeAT-Fi ‘Scooter for All’, the Click125i ‘Premium Scooter’, and the Zoomer-X  ‘Unique Real Naked Scooter’ which all feature Enhanced Smart Power, Idling Stop System and Combined Brake System. These are the perfect scooters for the varied lifestyle and personalities of our next generation smart riders,” added HPI product planning manager Elie Salamangkit Jr.

The Honda Enhanced Smart Power (eSP) engine technology optimizes the combustion process while minimizing friction between moving parts. This allows for higher power outputs while providing better fuel efficiency, quieter starts, and smoother revs. It’s paired with Honda’s ACG starter for jolt-free and better sounding starts.

For even better fuel mileage, the Idling Stop System (ISS) automatically kills the engine after three seconds of inactivity, reigniting it with a small twist on the throttle. Meanwhile, the Combined Brake System (CBS) distributes brake force to the rear and front wheels for quicker and safer stops.

Aside from the above smart features, the Zoomer-X also comes with a better 110cc PGM fuel-injected power plant for 5-percent higher torque, 6-percent higher power, and 8-percent better fuel efficiency compared to its predecessor at 62.5km/liter (ECE R40 Test Method).

The all-new Zoomer-X also sports a tough redesign, with its chassis allowing for all kinds of customization. The scooter fatures a fully-digital meter panel, new headlight in stainless steel frame, inverted shock absorbers, 12-inch cast tubeless tires, unique seat compartment.

The all-new Honda Zoomer-X is available in marigold yellow and mat crypton silver metallic colors for PHP 93,900.