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Honda Philippines releases the all-new Genio and all-new ADV 150

In a launch that gathered a huge crowd at Robinson’s Metro East, in Pasig City, Honda Philippines, Inc. launched the much-awaited ADV 150, and Genio.

Ever evolving, the Genio is both innovative and stylish, making it the perfect ride for the growing market of FIlipina riders. With modern features such as LED headlights, a digital meter panel, and combi brakes, this is a scooter that is perfect for new and experienced riders alike. The Genioo has 14 liters of storage space, and is perfect for those with smaller frames, thanks to unimposing looks, great performance, and accessible price tag. Also revealed at the launch was the new face of the Genio, Yassi Pressman.

“We chose Yassi Pressman because we believe that she personifies what The All-New GENIO is all about, cool and fashionable,” said Susumu Mitsuishi, President of Honda Philippines, Inc.

Also unveiled at the event was the much-anticipated All-New ADV 150. With aggressive styling and performance unlike anything else in its class, the ADV 150 is a bike that’s perfect for the rider who’s always up for an urban adventure.

Futuristic styling, an adjustable windscreen, all-LED lighting and a digital meter panel make for a bike that delivers more than just performance. It also has 14-inch front and 13-inch rear wheels, combi brakes, ABS, and emergency stop signal that flashes the hazard lights under hard braking. With a massive 28-liter utility box, it has the space you need to take on any adventure.

“We are excited to bring to the Filipino market our latest model, The All-New GENIO and the All-New ADV150.  These new models will add excitement to the joy of riding a Honda motorcycle. We are confident that our Filipino customers will appreciate the motorcycles we created because we made them with their dreams and aspirations in mind,” said Susumu Mitsuishi, president of Honda Philippines.  “The All-New Genio and the All-New ADV150 combine innovation with style and function so it’s not only the male riders who will experience the joy of riding, but ladies, as well,” Mitsuishi added.

The All-New GENIO will be available at all Honda 3S shops, with an SRP of Php72,900, while the ADV150 will hit showroom floors in January 2020 with an SRP of Ph149,000.