Motoworld announces Shop & Save Sale

    While our Nation is finally eased to general community quarantine, the life of our fellow Filipino riders are slowly starting to get into new normal. Establishments are re-opening and the expected busy roads have once again returned. The motorcycle has been the “go-to” option for many Filipinos as their means of transportation during the different levels of community quarantine to prevent the spread of the deadly COVID-19. Motoworld doesn’t want riders escaping the threats of the disease only to expose themselves to the dangers of traffic accidents.

    With their mission to protect riders while on the road, Motoworld is holding a 5-day sale. To safeguard your health, new normal safety
    measures such as wearing masks, social distancing, and disinfecting of goods will be implemented. Get your very own protective gear and accessories such as helmet, goggles, jackets, shoes, bags, oils, and many more at a discounted price!

    Don’t miss out on this SHOP & SAVE SALE and get up to 20% discount on all regular priced items from June 18 to 22, and let Motoworld wants to gear you UP after the Enhanced Community Quarantine! Check out your nearest Motoworld branch and be among the first to experience these exclusive deals!

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