Suzuki Philippines launches new Smash Fi

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    Suzuki Philippines has launched the new Smash Fi, the fuel-injected variant of the brand’s Smash 115 motorcycle. Suzuki is aiming the Smash Fi to be the new option for riders who want a fuel-injected engine’s benefits in a familiar and iconic body.

    “The Smash is a valuable motorcycle model for Suzuki. Its dominance in the underbone leisure category has already sealed the Smash as the number one motorcycle for the Filipinos. From the young riders to the expert whether just a student, already working or starting a business, no matter where you are in the Philippines, the Suzuki Smash is everywhere and definitely a motorcycle for all.” Said Koichiro Hirao, President, Suzuki Philippines Incorporated.

    Suzuki has already sold more than 800,000 units of the Smash since its introduction in 2006.

    “Today we are further securing this position with an additional variant to provide more choices to our riders. A new motorcycle that I am sure will capture the hearts of the Filipinos like the existing Smash,” he adds.

    Suzuki summarizes the Smash Fi’s characteristics as the 5 Ms: “Mura, Matipid, Malakas, Maporma, Matibay.” The motorcycle retains the affordability of the previous Smash model. It is also more fuel-efficient than the previous model. It has one of the most powerful engines for its segment. Finally, the new Suzuki Smash Fi retains the sporty and iconic look of the previous Smash 115, as well as its durability.

    The new Smash Fi features a brand-new four-stroke 113cc fuel injection engine which, according to Suzuki Philippines, can achieve 68km/L, making it the most fuel-efficient Smash ever produced. Having a fuel injector also makes the Smash Fi more environmentally friendly than its non-fuel-injected counterparts.

    The engine was designed to be light and compact but still powerful. The engine allows the Suzuki Smash Fi to achieve a max power output of 6.9kW at 7,500 RPM and a max torque of 9.10Nm at 6500 RPM.

    The Smash Fi will come in two variants, Spoke/Drums and Mags/Disc. The Spoke/Drums has drum brake and spokes wheels and retails for PHP 66,400. It’s available in Candy Summer Red and Titan Black. Meanwhile, the Mags/Disc has mags on its wheels and disk brakes. It retails for PHP 71,400 and comes in Metallic Matte Stellar Blue and Titan Black. 

    The Smash Fi, despite being a newer model, will not replace the existing Smash 115. Instead, it is positioned as a new variant, with Suzuki adopting the name Smash Carb (for Carburetor) for the older model to distinguish the two.

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