Yamaha Cares: The mission continues

    Mobility Motorcycles Yamaha Cares: The mission continues

    As the season of giving begins, Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc. has come to aid through Yamaha Cares.

    Yamaha PH partnered with CARE PH, one of the world’s largest humanitarian organizations in the country that also leads community emergency responses. As
    the pandemic continues to rage on, the strife is seemingly endless with the addition
    of natural calamities. Many Filipinos were shaken by Typhoons that resulted in
    flooding, widespread disruption of electrical power and communication services,
    leaving citizens helpless. When the last typhoon hit, CARE deployed staff in the Bicol
    region within 72 hours to conduct rapid assessment as soon as possible. They provided food packs to 75 families in affected communities

    A partnership blooms for well-being of every Filipino.

    Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc. conducted a donation within the company and doubled every PHP 100 donation for a total of PHP 826,800, along with the donation of motorcycles and generators to be used for mobility and power. As 2020 ends, no one should be left behind, and Yamaha will continue its advocacy to keep everyone moving forward.

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