Yamaha celebrates 5 year anniversary of Blue Core Engine with Asean tour

    MobilityMotorcyclesYamaha celebrates 5 year anniversary of Blue Core Engine with Asean tour

    Five years after the launch of its Blue Core Engine, Yamaha Vietnam is celebrating with  a tour of Southeast Asia.

    The Yamaha Blue Core Touring came with the message “Less Gas-More Power” aims to showcase the capability of Yamaha’s Blue Core Engine technology by riding through five different Asean nations on five new generation Yamaha scooters fitted with the Blue Core engines.

    The five Vietnamese riders namely Dan Kim Ho, Nguyen Phuc Vien, Ngo Thiet Dai Nhan, Pham Viet Anh, and Nguyen Quang Ting traverse the countries of Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, before finishing in the Philippines  last October 9.

    The group used Yamaha’s new generation of scooters with Blue Core engines. These scooters were the Yamaha Grande, Latte, FreeGo, Janus, and the NVX. 

    First introduced in 2014 on the Grande, the Yamaha Blue Core engine had three main points: enhancing combustion efficiency of the fuel mixture, reducing power consumption, and better fuel control. The new generation of engines aims to create the perfect balance between fuel efficiency, engine power, environment friendliness as well as high applicability on many vehicles and the ability to adapt to conditions. 

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