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Yamaha Motor Philippines launches Serow 250 with media trail through Mt. Pinatubo

Photo from Yamaha Motors Philippines

Yamaha brought selected motoring media outlets and guests to Golden Trail Travelers Resorts where the once devastated area has turned into lush greenery. They were not there to have a good time among the trees. The lahar stricken area was the perfect place to test the power of the Serow 250. 

Before starting, guests were briefed by top-tier coaches led by Coach Mel Aquino to make sure that participants were aware of the safety procedures during the activity. All of the participants were dressed in complete off-road gear to ensure maximum safety.

Yamaha also created a course that fully maximized the capability of the Serow 250, splitting the riders into teams that need to complete certain challenges in each stop. Each stop not only tested the physical and mental abilities of the riders, but they also taught them more about the off-roading motorbike. 

Photo from Yamaha Motor Philippines

The 250cc engine of the Serow conquered every challenge thrown at it, from slippery rocks, crossing rivers, and pouring rain, all while just emitting low engine noise and consuming little fuel. The suspension of the bike also provided great shock absorption and handling even as riders were traversing a bumpy terrain all throughout the trail. The disc brakes on each end of the bike were also powerful enough to stop the bike, even in the wet, and even though the rain poured, every rider was visible thanks to the redesigned tail light. 

Photo from Yamaha Motor Philippines

To make the challenges more interesting, riders were fighting not only for bragging rights but also for donations for the indigenous tribes. Each challenges had an equivalent donation such as food, clothes, health packages, and more. Winner or not, everyone had the privilege to donate to the indigenous community that makes sure that the area is safe and enjoyable for all visitors.

Photo from Yamaha Motor Philippines

The Serow 250 has an SRP of PHP 229,000  and is available in white blue and white orange. The off-road bike is now available in all Yamaha Flagship Shop, RevZone, 3S Shops, and Multiband outlets nationwide.

Photo from Yamaha Motor Philippines