MIO FAZZIO x DBTK: YOUnique streetwear fashion on the road

    MobilityMotorcyclesMIO FAZZIO x DBTK: YOUnique streetwear fashion on the road

    YOUnique streetwear fashion was the centerpiece in the latest collaboration between Yamaha Mio Fazzio and DBTK. Gen Z loves seeing collaboration projects from different brands whether it’s in technology, content creation, or the fashion industry, collabs are all over social media. These initiatives foster exclusivity among those who have similar interests, and Yamaha Motor Philippines is geared-up to embrace individuality.

    A decade of streetwear & culture and a motorcycle that expresses YOUniqueness in all ways

    Since 2012, DBTK has been renowned for its inspiring messages and distinctive artistic talent that are displayed in its product designs. In the same way that Yamaha values individual expression highly, DBTK also recognizes how important it is for Gen Zs to be represented in streetwear fashion. It carved off a space where a separate culture has been developing for some time.

    Co-presented by Yamaha Motor Philippines, the 10th anniversary celebration of DBTK showcasing YOUnique streetwear fashion was held in Elements, Eton Centris. Filled with fun and games, Yamaha showcased the newest Mio Fazzio, which suits the aesthetics that every Gen Zs was on the lookout for.

    The Yamaha Mio Fazzio exudes a contemporary, urban look and exhibits dependability and premium mobility for a cosmopolitan lifestyle. FAZZIO /fätsiō/ means “Being in a state of uniqueness. An artistic expression of simplicity in fashionable motion.” It is the manifestation of a next-generation stylish AT that gives every Gen Z a blank canvas on which to express their creativity in DBTK’s signature fashion sense.

      Discover a ride where uniqueness and style meet!

    The #mioFAZZIOxDBTK event collaboration brought the fashion and motorcycling industries closer than before. This proves how important it is for everyone to express their ideas and how they want to brand themselves. It’s going to be a worthwhile ride for Yamaha and DBTK’s project and there will be no room for pause, just moving forward.

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