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Petron-MIAS 2013 Custom and Classic Car Competition heats up

Once again, the Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) is scheduled to showcase some of the country’s most desirable classic and modified cars.  Petron, the country’s leading fuel, shall be presenting the Petron-MIAS Custom and Classic Car Competition, to be held at the Philippine Trade Training Center, adjacent to the World Trade Center Manila, from April 4 to 7.  Recent “Best of Show” winners of the MIAS competition include a classic Mercedes-Benz 190SL in 2011 and last year, it was an entry by JSK shop Johnson Tan, a fully customized 2008 Honda Civic FD.

The most coveted Best of Show trophy will be up for grabs, along with over a dozen category trophies for both classic and customized cars. The Petron-MIAS Custom and Classic Car Competition is an annual tribute to the craftsmen and artisans who work in the restoration and customization trade. From tinsmiths, paintshop experts, mural artists, engine rebuilders and leather craftsmen, each entry is a result of months of hard work employed by the local restoration and customization shops who deliver world-class results. The owners of these automobiles, particularly the classic cars, help preserve the Philippines’ automotive heritage and provenance by allowing future generations to appreciate them. For many car owners, regardless of the value of the prizes that come with winning, simply being acknowledged by their peers is a reward in itself.

Past winner and now competition judge Alex Isip of Alex Car Restoration, a veteran with over two decades of experience, has related previously that it is indeed a tough job to compete and consistently excel in car competitions. This year’s lineup promises car enthusiasts a close look at both classics and highly modified cars that are sure to bring out the smiles and the snapshots.  MIAS is organized by Worldbex Services International.