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Select Honda CR-V models now have the option of a detachable third row seat

Honda CR-V owners: do you have a big family? Do you need a third row seat to accommodate additional friends or relatives for that road trip out of town? Don’t want the hassle of trying to put it together and removing it when not in use? Honda Cars Philippines Inc. (HCPI) is offering a detachable third row seat for select variants of the CR-V model. The two variants that will have the option of a detachable third row seat are the 2.0 LX (2WD with automatic transmission) and 2.4 LX (4WD with automatic transmission) variants.

“The good thing about this (Detachable Third Row Seat accessory) is it is lightweight; making it trouble-free to attach when needed and detach when not,” said Roberto Ong, HCPI General Manager for Marketing and Sales. Heeding the call to more seating capacity, “We do hope that with this accessory our customers will enjoy the additional space for two more people, making the CR-V seat seven. Now, bigger families or groups can also enjoy the urban refinement the CR-V offers,” he added.

The 4th generation CR-V builds on these unrivaled qualities by being equipped with the Eco Assist System that improves fuel efficiency. The Eco Assist System is composed of the ECON mode and the Eco-coaching ambient light. By engaging the ECON mode, the performance of the engine, drive-by-wire, transmission, and air conditioning is optimized to improve fuel efficiency.

For more information on how to acquire this third row seat, you can visit any of the 28 authorized Honda dealerships in the Philippines or visit www.hondaphil.com.