Suzuki’s Twin Pillar Hub Lands in Davao

    Suzuki’s Twin Pillar Hub, which was inspired by the Suzuki Next 100 Campaign, has reached Mindanao.

    Highlighted in the brand’s participation at the recently concluded 2nd Inside Racing Mindanao Bike Festival and Tradeshow held in Davao, the Twin Pillar Hub signifies Suzuki’s strong commitment to its consumers by continuously innovating and delivering quality service.

    Drawing inspiration from Suzuki Next 100, the hub housed the brand’s premium bikes: Underbone King Raider R150 Carburetor and Pinnacle of Hyper Underbones Raider R150 Fi. Also on display were the revolutionary GSX-R150 and GSX-S150. Suzuki’s VR Experience which allows users to experience MotoGP via virtual reality, as well as photobooths and giveaways were welcome additions to the booth.

    Present at the event were Suzuki president Hiroshi Suzuki as well as Inside Racing Magazine’s Al Camba, motorcycle sales and marketing general manager Jun Balot, senior regional sales manager for Mindanao Joel Martin, motorcycle marketing head Monch Bontogon, and assistant regional sales manager Bon Opiano.

    The two-day event was jampacked with pocket activities and games hosted by Suzuki’s Safety Riding and Club Relations specialist Sherwin Florendo together with Davao’s very own Carly Chua.

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