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The Hyundai Accent gets a smart new engine and better milage

Hyundai Accent

Hyundai’s remarkably fuel-efficient Accent just got an upgrade. The new, Dual-CVVT engine makes the most of the 1.4L Kappa’s 100ps at 6000 and 13.6kg-m of torque at 4000rpm, for a significant boost in overtaking performance. The engine has also been tweaked, letting the intake valves open at 10, 20, 30, to 100%, depending on conditions, to give the engine the optimum fuel-air mix and allowing the Accent to be more efficient than ever before. The exhaust valves have likewise been made smart, and are programmed to effectively expel the remnants of combustion, maximizing the efficiency of the next ignition for even greater range.

The engine, which is maed to a six-speed manual transmission from the six-speed gearbox of the previous model, allows drivers an extra gear in order to keep RPMs down at higher speeds. From quick sprints, to long drives, the new Accent has you covered, letting you stay at the optimum RPM range for the greatest fuel economy.

Buyers who purchase the new Accent from June 12 to June 30 also get a PHP40,000 discount on a cash purchase of the 1.4L -DCVVT GL M/T or P29,501 monthly amortization for the 1.4L CVVT GL A/T at ZERO % Interest (50% down @ 12-month payment scheme), a low downpayment of PHP88,000 for the 1.4L K-DCVVT GL M/T, or Low Monthly Amortization of only P6,513 for the 1.4L K-DCVVT GL M/T at 50% down & 60 months to pay.