Toyota Motor Philippines Registers a New Sales Milestone in 2013

    Archives Toyota Motor Philippines Registers a New Sales Milestone in 2013

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    Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) sold a record breaking 75,587 units in 2013, its highest annual sales performance since its start of operations in 1988. Total passenger cars sold amounted to 25,847 units, while its commercial vehicle segment made up for the balance with 49,740 units.

    Capping off the year with its December sales of 6, 976 units, Toyota’s strong performance was spearheaded by the All-New Toyota Vios which continues to be well received by the market. The best-selling vehicle in the country has tallied its 4th consecutive month of record-breaking sales last month registering 2,345 units.  Year-to-date, Vios sales ended with a growth of 24% versus 2012 with total sales of 20,493 units.

    Not to be outdone, Toyota’s 2nd best-selling vehicle the Innova, registered its highest sales for the year with 1,466 units sold in December.  It ended the year with annual sales of 14,376 units.  A growth of 8% compared to its performance in 2012. This proves to show that this model continues to win the hearts and minds of the consumers because of its great value and reliability.

    In a statement, TMP President Michinobu Sugata expressed “TMP continues to move forward as exemplified by our sales milestones. I am pleased to report that we finished the year 16% over the year 2012 likewise, surpassing our forecast of 75,000 units. This new sales milestone wouldn’t have been possible if not for the trust and loyalty our customers have towards our brand. These achievements are our main drivers to consistently find ways to serve our customers better with excellent products and services.”

    With this strong performance, will TMP be able to achieve its 12th consecutive Triple Crown?

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