Pioneer launches market’s first Smart Unit Receiver for cars

    Leading aftermarket car audio maker Pioneer has announced the release of the first Smart Unit Receiver for vehicles.  The infotainment system combines a Google-certified 8-inch Android portable display with a smart receiver, a first of its kind that goes beyond being just an in-car entertainment system.

    “Today’s car owners are more than just drivers. They are digitally-savvy individuals who live a lifestyle that is integrated with their mobile devices and apps. This new wave of smart drivers doesn’t want a system that accompanies them from point A to point B, but personalized tools and solutions that enhance their way of life and help them with their day-to-day tasks,” said Ronald Lee, general manager of sales and product Division, Pioneer Electronics Asia Centre.

    “Our new Smart Unit Receiver is the first in the market to deliver our Pioneer Smart Sync (PSS) in-car infotainment app with the flexibility of a portable display and smart receiver, allowing car owners to live a truly digital lifestyle,” he adds.

    The Smart Unit Receiver provides more than just in-car entertainment. Drivers can get quick access to their favorite music using the display’s dedicated source display for radio and Bluetooth as well as the PSS app’s smart receiver control. The app is also a one-stop solution for getting the most out of the Android display, car stereo, and navigation.

    The device also has a built-in GPS and voice assistants support. They can also get a boost of safety with the system’s ability to connect to existing rear-view cameras and Pioneer’s parking sensors through the smart receiver. All features are made even more accessible with the portable display’s IPS screen. Passengers can also enjoy the device with video streaming through apps like Youtube and Netflix.

    The Android display allows drivers to download apps from the Google Play Store. The home screen is also highly customizable, giving them the freedom to prioritize their most-used apps or functionalities. With the ability to pre-select the cradle position, drivers can also adjust the display’s elevation for maximum comfort when watching videos and operating the device. The display can also be removed from the mount with just the press of a button, enhancing convenience and mobility. Drivers can use it beyond the car and stay connected to the digital world—on and off the road.

    “Drivers get to experience a truly seamless digital lifestyle within and outside of the car. For instance, they can pre-set their home or office addresses, and find the best routes to their destinations in no time by using the display to navigate. When alighting from the car, they can simply remove the display and reply emails, catch up on the news or their favourite shows, and connect with loved ones via messaging apps on the go. The transition is non-disruptive,” said Lee.

    The new product will be available at Pioneer’s authorized dealers in the first quarter of 2020.

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