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Quick Look: The Tramigo Vehicle Tracker

Ever so familiar are GPS tracking devices used for businesses and personal applications. The feature of real-time location tracking comes as a big convenience especially when running a business, or when tracking PUVs, family cars, and even school buses for safety purposes.  With a plethora of choices out in the market, choosing the right vehicle tracker entails considering the best of the best functionalities at a competitive price. Able to offer several benefits at a good price, the Tramigo Vehicle Tracker is something worth taking a look at.

When choosing a vehicle tracker, top factors to consider include convenience, user experience, and cost effectiveness. The Tramigo Tracker has it all . With convenient offline support, clearly translated coordinates for a clear and concise visual representation, and  no additional fees to pay for it to work, the Tramigo Tracker passes high standards of convenience.

Speaking of convenience, the Tramigo Tracker is integrated with several features that address a variety of concerns. On the business side, it allows monitoring and tracking of drivers, thus bringing in the  benefit of efficient scheduling and improved security. On the security side, there’s the feature of disabling the engine in case of a breach. For family safety, the GPS system helps prevent over speeding. Likewise, it allows monitoring of  family vehicles even without an internet connection.

To learn more about the Tramigo Tracker, you can visit www.tramigogps.com or call hotlines (02) 847-0602 or 847-0620 – Makati, and (032) 233-7139 or 233-7140 – Cebu