Unioil launches ‘Doing Our Part’ campaign

    MobilityUnioil launches 'Doing Our Part' campaign

    Unioil Petroleum Philippines Inc. recently launched its campaign entitled “Doing Our Part” which aims to encourage Filipinos to collectively make a difference through small, everyday actions and responsible decisions including better energy choices.

    As a pioneer of advanced fuels in the country, the company introduced its full range of Euro 5-compliant fuels to give consumers a cleaner and better choice without any added cost, becoming the first and only petroleum retailer in the country to offer Euro 5 ratings in its whole product line-up.

    “People are now becoming conscious about their actions and how it affects society. With our latest campaign, we want to encourage Filipinos to make small yet meaningful decisions that can leave positive and lasting impact to the community,” said Janice Co Roxas-Chua, CFO of Unioil.

    Unioil’s Euro 5 compliant fuels have significantly less sulfur content at 10 ppm (parts per million), which is five times cleaner than Euro 4 standard fuels. And based on actual tests conducted by the DENR-EMB, Unioil’s fuels can provide up to 77 percent less emissions compared to Euro 4 fuels, giving motorists better engine performance while emitting less pollutants.

    In addition to the company’s cleaner fuel initiative, Unioil began its hybrid station program which saw the installation of a smartflower all-in-one solar power system in one of its newest retail stations, with plans to add solar power units in more fueling stations by 2018.

    The smartflower POP is equipped with automated sun tracking which allows it to gather solar energy 40 percent more efficiently than conventional solar panels.

    In addition to this, Unioil partnered with the DENR to put up Airvisual nodes to monitor air quality in select locations as well as setting up the first commercially-available electric vehicle charger in one of its retail stations with more stations to follow in the future.

    “For the past 50 years, Unioil has always been putting innovative petroleum solutions in the hands of consumers.  Today, we continue this by introducing breakthrough ways to harness solar power, promote the use of electric vehicles, and drive with cleaner fuel,” said Unioil President Kenneth Pundanera.

    With Unioil’s “Doing Our Part” advocacy, the company presents itself as a reliable and cleaner alternative for motorists towards a healthier, more eco-oriented society, inviting motorists, environmental advocates and Filipino families to join the drive to make responsible choices for a sustainable future.

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